Smart Krissada & Anne Thongprasom (KOOSANGKOOSOM vol. 33 no. 765 October 2012)


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
Ekkk, yippie, another Koosangkoosom cover of Mart and Anne! Awh, they're too cute and hot together!!! :wub: Comparing this to their previous Koosangkoosom for Qi Pao, I think both are beautiful, except that the colors in the first one are better and more natural. :) But despite the bright colors for this Koosangkoosom cover, I find Mart and Anne's cover the best so far since Koosangkoosom started making their colors so bright. :thumbsup: And Mart is smiling so widely here compared to their first one for Qi Pao; they both look so adorable! <D :cloud9: Anne's smile is gorgeous here! And she looks amazing in that red qi pao dress. Waiting impatiently for Qi Pao to air on October 25!!! A horror and romantic lakorn just in time for Halloween!! :D


sarNie Adult
Aww they're adorable together! And ew, Boom Panadda's boobs are all over the place. Might sound perverted but that's the first thing I noticed.