Singing competition criteria for judging


sarNie Juvenile
Hi guys,

Im organising a singing competition and I just want to know what are the main Singing competition criteria for judging
and how the judging for the hmong singing competition in the states work?



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1st off... don't be bias.. and especially don't cheat!
sorry but i have to admit... hmong ppl like to bribe.. so no bribing.. lol..
make sure none of that happens.. and let it all be clean.. :D

2nd off.. Song choices.. what kind of event is it? Can they sing in english? or just hmong? or both?

3rd off.. their talent.. do they have any? how's their voice? Can they reach the pitch? Don't base things on their appearances...

erm erm erm.. that's my thoughts on judging.. :)

then again, it's your own thing... so you can judge however you want..


Yes, agree with everything aikoden says and check to see if they have potential, like how good their voice is how they sing and their facial expressions when they sing, does it look like they were trying too hard to sing or are they naturals, also notice their movements when they sing.


sarNie Juvenile
Thanks for your input but i was hoping for like something on paper that the judges can have in front of them and mark them on their performance from like 1 to 10 or something