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  1. lady0fdarkness

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    One stormy night, I was 17 years old and home alone, cause my family went out to a Lao party and being the outcast that I was, I stayed home. At the time, I lived at my sister's house where the previous owner died. Anywho, she has huge red draperies that would take force to make it sway around. I was watching TV, and all of a sudden, the drapes were swaying around as if someone was tugging at it. And then, the back door swung open, which I thought wasn't so strange, because it was a stormy night. But, the reason why it was strange, because it was locked.... I'm the one who locked it. I then went to go close the door and when I came back into the living room, the drapes stopped moving and everything went silent again.

    So for the rest of the night I sat there and watched the drapes to make sure it wasn't moving again.
  2. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Haha I don't know if I believe in stuff like this but at the same time I don't underestimate it .. I've had my own experiences but I've never spoken of them because people would think im crazy
    my cousin just had her baby I went to visit her and I was in the lobby bringing a cup of coffee for her husband and my boyfriend at the time.. my sister met me in the hallway and while we were walking this guy was like walking behind us we didn't think anything of it ... we got lost and turned back to ask him did he know where the maternity patience were. Well it was a hallway with no doors no opening. It was a flat wall and a windows down the entire hall. we were on like the 5th floor? Well when we turned around .. he wasn't there anymore -.O ... we just kind of pretended that we didn't see anything ... after that day

    Then this one time ... I was driving down the highway... and I saw this lady like standing in the emergency lane while I was coming home late at night .. and I looked at her she was like waving towards me or waving for me to come back.. I kind of slowed down and glanced back every now and then... a few seconds later these two cars crashed into each other -.O .. I didn't tell anyone about it ... because that lady was gone when I turned around.. I just parked in the emergency lane and called 911 for the two cars that had crashed ...

    My mom told me that my sister which is now 6; and I always told her that we see things that she couldn't see .. She also told me that I stopped seeing them at a certain age... so did my sister .. but at our old house in california it use to be a motel but so many people died and stuff there they turned it into a apartment complex and sealed the pool with cement to make a basketball court. Well when we were living there after my sister which is now 10 was born the first few months of her birth she would like fall off the bed .. my dad would tell me that he swear she was in the middle but somehow her covers and stuff looked like they had been tugged on o_O that so creeped me out.
  3. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    you got some crazy stories there Tina... as for me.. I believe in ghosts... they are everywhere..
  4. annea

    annea sarNie Adult

    thats some scary ass, I would've gne a scary cat....well I got a few, but this one is kinda like the real deal for me... When i wa about 12, My parents moving into this housing and we there was story to it. They said a whole family died there...the dad was a drug attic and one he was high so he shot his wife next to the stair going up to the second floor..and he shot his kids and one of them was gonna jump the widow but he also got him..then they said some police men were coming in trying to stop him but he also shot like 1 or 2 of them dead by the door downstairs and then took his own life...So one time, my sister wanted to take a show upstair and ask if I can hangout around there while she I was like I'll just wait in my room... theres one big and cold room in our house that we use as a guest room and I feel funny everything I go near that room..but anywaz, on my way back to my room I swear to god and buddha I saw like a black/grayish and kinda blurry figure walk right across the room..I was so freaked out...I burst into the bathroom and just sat on the sister ask wat happen and i told her nothing..I think they said the family that died were middle eastern..but sometimes when we're downstairs, we hear like foot steps and it sounds like people walking..I always thought someone break into our house...

    Also, once I left my room open and was sleeping...suddenly I hear like someone coming up the stair (my room faces the stairup) and I was! so I kinda open my eyes, but I DIDNT see anything and I still hear like the foot stepping was getting closer and closer..I just put my blanket over my head and tried to sleep... That house is haunted and I dont know how we manage to survive for 2/3 years there..LOL..
  5. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    ^^ Do you guys still live there? Girl.. that's crazy.. you're a brave one!
  6. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    When my family went to a neighbor's funeral, again I was home alone.. I was reading a book (Stephen King's book), when my baby brother's red ball rolled across the room and it stopped shortly by the door.
    At first I thought perhaps my sister was home, but I checked and I was alone... so I rolled the ball back and continued my reading. The ball didn't roll back again... thank God.
  7. annea

    annea sarNie Adult

    No I dont live there anymore...but eekk..ur story up there is scary..its like..when u tell a story to someone, it sounds too good to be true...and unrealistic..u know? they have to experience it for theirselves to know if its real or not...I dunno...but I do believe in ghost and I always used to get "Um" alot...or some people call it sleeping paralysis or something like that...but tI think theres more to it...cuz sometimes when it happens, I feel like I'm hearing someone/something talking..scary!!! but each and everyones' opinion..I respect their believes and opinion so no hard feelings..but as for me, I think its more then your body still staying while your brain is awake..anyone got "um" before?
  8. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    Oh I use to get that before I got married it's weird it's never happened to me anymore ever since I got married but it happened to me alot because I always got so tired to where my body sleeps but my head doesn't
  9. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    I get Pee Umm a lot, even now.

    My last one was very vivid. I didn't see it from a first person point of view.. I actually saw myself in a third person view, trying to fight the Pee Um and trying to scream, but my voice just wouldn't come out. It's crazy....
  10. Liberty

    Liberty sarNie Adult

    Awesome! I love ghost stories.
    Let me think about mine for a second, not sure which one I should share.
  11. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    ^^ share them all, girl.
  12. *Ice*

    *Ice* sarNie Adult

    i was in london at ma aunties house its pretty old and not ma type of place to live haha buh was about 12 am i was feelin sick so i ran to her bedroom and her house is like so old everythin creeps i was sleepin in tha livin room and her bedroom was tha other side of tha house so i ran and i woke her boy up and all 3 of us slept in this small bed. next thing the front door opens and u can smell a bad smell like man dead people i guess ... we was thinkin its her husband who died a few years back , ma auntie had told me that hes come to sort me out as i have been a bit mean that day to ma mom. so about 2 am i went to sleep and was woken up by a sound of glass smashin no one else could hear it and i couldnt move or even speak buh ma eyes was open and tha only way i could scream for ma auntie was to breathe loudly and she woke up... thats maybe when somethin went into me controlling me :S so she put tha buddah on me all night i was ok :S haha

    i have so many more ill share later haha
  13. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    ^^ I think that's very scary... to smell something bad, but you don't see anything...
  14. Liberty

    Liberty sarNie Adult

    Okay, here's some of my stories. It's not all ghost stuff though, a few are just weird incidents.

    This happened in Austin about a year after I had been living there. I was taking a nap after a long day and I thought I had left the TV on so I rolled over to turn it off but found a very tall man laying in my bed. Now, this wasn't no highlander, this man was down right creepy. He smelled like earth and musk and not in a good way. He was very big (not muscular or fat, just big in frame) and was wearing this suit that had been decayed. He had long stringy hair and hollowed out eyes. He turned his head to look at me and just grinned. I was so scared I froze, I couldn't move and when he lifted his hand to touch my face I turned over to the other side, it was all I could do. I could feel his hand stroking my hair and when it came up over my mouth I bit down on his fingers and fell back to sleep. I wasn't sure if I was in that in between state of being asleep and awake before that happened but I haven't been able to sleep alone in the dark since.

    While I was in a poli sci class, as much as I enjoy it some professors were kind of boring, and I fell asleep. I was still sitting up and taking notes though, that wasn't totally unusual I do it quite often. But what was strange was that in the midst of taking my notes while asleep I had written something else down. It said EVIL, EVIL, EVIL and maybe Death, can't remember. But I remember that EVIL was underlined and looked like it had been written down really hard or several times overlapping because it was very dark.

    One time when I was driving home from Houston I came across this puppy on the road. It was dark but I was wide awake because I took a nap before leaving. Anyway, only an hour from Austin and I was the only one on the road and came across this tiny white ball of fur. Looked like a puppy so I slowed down (I was already pretty cautious because it was lightly raining), waiting for the animale to move but only a few yards away and it didn't move at all. So I just assumed it was a stuff animal and continued forward right before I was coming over it the thing turned it's heard slowly and it's eyes were looking right at me and kind of glowing. I couldn't move out of the way by now so I made sure to go over it completely (I have a small SUV), if I swirved I'd run over it or get into an accident. I went over it, didn't hear anything and looked up in my rearview mirror and there was nothing.

    #4 (This was when I was around 11 or 12)
    I had an uncle who died in a car accident in another city. The day that he died my brothers and cousin were riding their bikes around my grandparents place, they hadn't known about the death yet because it just barely happened. Anyway my uncle lives a few blocks away and my brothers decided to ride their bikes over there because they had friends who lived in the same neighborhood. No one was home so they went back to my grandparents house and said that they saw my uncle, by this time it was getting dark, they said that he was limping but didn't say anything to them.
    When my parents and I made it to my grandparents' the boys had just gotten there and found out about his death.

    This one was something I heard from my grandmother. She was telling my mom about this at my aunt's new house (she had just died in a car accident and the family were all gathered there) and it happened to my uncle (he use to live with her).

    This was also in Austin.
    My uncle and his girlfriend lived with my aunt (his older sister) and her husband when they first moved to Austin. They had been living with them for a few years and during that time my uncle was being visited by this ghost of a young lady with long blue hair. My uncle and his gf use to stay in the bigger guestroom where there's a full length mirror and he said that she would come out of the mirror and to him, he'd freak out and wake up his gf but by the time she woke up the blue haired lady was gone. Eventually they moved to the smaller guestroom and the blue haired lady started coming out of the bathroom mirror. It got so bad that my uncle couldn't take a shower unless his gf was sitting in the bathroom with him. After awhile they moved out into an apartment, it was fine for a while but then the blue haired lady started coming out of the mirror there as well. He even said there was a close call once, where he almost got into a car accident. He was driving home from somewhere and looked up to his rearview mirror and there she was, so he looked away and she was sitting next to him in the passenger seat. She reached over to touch him and that's when he swerved.
    My uncle and his gf no longer live at that apartment anymore, they have their own house now but I don't know if he still sees her though.

    ETA: lol My bad, I just reread story #1 and realized I forgot to edit the highlander part out (I had shared this story on a different board), the highlander part wouldn't make sense if you're not a Karen Marie Moning fan.
  15. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    Liberty, as I read your stories.. I had to look over my shoulders a few times. Thanks for sharing.. now I've got goosebumps!!
  16. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    Shivers omg man I thought I was the only one who had weird encounters ...
    heres another one of my stories

    I was picking up my cousin (she was a high school freshmen at the time now she's a Junior) Well anyways as I was driving I noticed this police officer and he like signaled for me to stop and he was smiling at me .. As I stopped I looked up and realized the light was green I was like why is he stopping me?! Then I tried to go out of ignorance cause i was in a rush .. so he kind of stepped out more to where I would have hit him if I kept going .. so I stopped and complained ... just as I stopped and started talking this car zooms pass and runs his red light with a few cop cars following him... I was like wth damn lucky that cop stopped me I would have been hit horribly I then went again and I was going to wave a thanks to that officer but he wasn't there anymore then as I came back the same direction I noticed some pictures and teadybears and cards on this one Phone poll and whats freaky is that officers picture was on there. I asked my cousin about it she said he was killed in a hit and run on that spot =/ I was like dude .. I never really told my cousin about it
  17. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    ^^ wow.. it looks like you had a guardian angel look out for you.
  18. Liberty

    Liberty sarNie Adult

    OMG. That's freaky but in a good way.
  19. thai-lakorn-fan-forever

    thai-lakorn-fan-forever sarNie Oldmaid

    that's so creepy... i would never move into a house if i knew it had a terrible history (like people being murdered in it)...i mean, i know sometimes people die of old age and sickness or whatnot in their own homes, but that's okay...i don't really mind moving into a place where that kind of death occurred (it's practically impossible to find a house without any deaths on its record), but when it comes to having someone murdered in that house, then that's a big no. i believe in ghosts and i think that the spirits of those who died violently are violent and could be dangerous, so i wouldn't want to be around

    geesh...some of you have had plenty of unexplained experiences... Ladyofdarkness: I never would have been able to handle any of those situations as calmly as you did! i would've ran to my bed and stayed under the covers! lol...

    back in california a few years back, i was driving back from a relative's house with my mom at around 11 pm. it was raining pretty hard that night, so i was concentrated on the road. to get back home from my relative's house, i had to pass Sunnyside Cemetary, which is a really old one (they don't bury anyone anymore, but no one ever destroyed it; it's the really old type of cemetary where the graves are marked by actual tombstones that stand erected). as i was driving towards the cemetary, i saw a black vehicle crashed into the cemetary's gate and i saw a man standing next to the car...he looked a little bruised (his head was cut or something), but he just stood there looking at our car. it felt a little eerie, since all the way from my relative's house up until this point, i had only seen a few other cars on the road and they were spaced out. i wasn't about to stop and get out, but i was about to get out my cell phone and call for help. as i was about to do that, i looked back through the rearview mirror, but there was nothing in front of the cemetary! my mom was asleep in the passenger seat, so i couldn't confirm with her that i wasn't just tired and saw things. i think that a car had crashed there on a stormy night a few years back when the driver got out from work around midnight...
  20. snowflake

    snowflake sarNie Egg

    I think I am one of the biggest scaredy cats in the world. hah. :lol: I wont even take a walk in the forest/woods with just me or another person, it has to be a crowd. And I mean huge crowd! ^_^ I am a firm believer in ghosts and the supernaturals, I take them seriosly. Here are some encounters or stories I've heard:

    1. My family used to live in this trailer way back when I was in elementary school up until junior high. We have a fairly large family (five kids + parents + grandma and uncle) so my dad made some renovations and added an extra living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. We lived in Alaska at the time, where the sun almost never goes down in the summer, except for an hour or two. Just a little background information. hah. Anyway, This happened in the summer time. I remember one night the family was watching tv. I was lying on the couch with a blanket over me and fell asleep. So they left me there when they all went to bed. Around 6 in the morning I woke up. I was facing the back of the couch and we have a clock above the couch. I lay there for a few seconds (I was wide awake now) before I turned over to my other side. When I did, I was staring face to face with this blonde/light brown hair lady. She was kneeling down beside me, just looking at me. I got really freaked out and quickly pulled the blanket over my head. That was the only thing I can think of. I was so scared she was gonna yank the blanket away from me, so I counted to ten, clutched the blanket tightly in my hands, and bolted for my parents room. I didn't tell anyone what happened. A few years later we moved out of the trailer and I finally told my mom about it. She told us she believed the trailer is haunted and said that when we first moved into the trailer, the first night there, she had a dream where a man and a woman came to her and asked her if they can stay. My mom told them it's fine as long as there's room because we have a fairly large family and then the couple left. My mom believed that because she didn't say no when they asked, that was why nothing bad has ever happened to us. She also said that on nights when my dad was working late and my mom was lying in bed, she can feel someone laying next to her.

    2. We used to live in a four-plex that we owned. One night, I went to sleep on my little sister's bed (I was watching tv) in my parents room. Her bed is a queen size bed so my parents didn't bother waking me up that night to sleep in my own room. Early in the morning, I woke up to pull the covers up to my chest because they have fallen. I was already tossing and turning since it was pretty hot that morning so I was pretty much wide awake. I tugged at it a bit but the covers barely moved so I sat up and pulled hard and got it to move. At that moment, I looked up and at the foot of the bed, I saw what looked like a short person in a hooded black cape with it's back facing me. I got freaked out and lay back down as fast as I could and pulled the covers over my head. I waited a few seconds and then peekd over to see if it was gone. It was still there but this time it looked like it's head was turned a little bit. So I covered my head again and closed my eyes tightly and refused to take my head out the rest of the night. When I got up that morning, I checked the door to see if anyone has placed a coat or jacket on the door knob but there was none and also asked my siblings as well, which was a no. I asked my dad later that day when he came home from work if he had placed a jacket or coat on the door knob last night and took it with him when he went to work, he said no as well. So I told my mom what happened. Of course she tried to make me feel better by telling me what I already knew, that someone had placed a coat or jacket on the door knob. My little sister asked me why I didn't wake her up because she was lying right next to me, but I was so scared at that moment that it didn't even occur to me.

    3. This happened to my older brother. It has just been a few days after one of his friends have died. My brother was in his room with his then girlfriend and my little brother. He was sleeping while his girlfriend and my little brother were cleaning the room. He was paying my little brother for it. hah. :lol: My little brother and his girlfriend said that out of nowhere, my older brother woke up, but he was staring at the foot of the bed at the door with a strange expression on his face, mouth slightly opened. His girlfriend thought he was looking at her, because she was by the door, so she kept on asking him what was wrong. They finally snapped him out of it and he told them that he saw a person standing by the table that was by the door. He said he was trying so hard to lift up his hands and point, and he was trying to yell at his girlfriend, but nothing came out. There's been a few instances just like this one so my mom finally took him to see one of those ppl who knows how to get rid of evil spirits etc.

    4. This is a story from my mom. This was way back when she was a little girl and still living in Thailand. My mom was at my great grandma's house (her grandma) oneday. From the corner of her eye, my mom saw someone peeking into the house, like they wanted to come in but couldn't, so she looked to see who it was. It was my great grandma's daughter. When my mom told my great grandma, she got freaked out. Her daughter had recently passed away from an illness. So she took my mom over to a friend's house because she got scared.

    The other day I was holding my daughter, who had just turned a month. I was sitting on my bed with my knees pulled up towards me and she was lying in my arms that was lying on my knees. We were pretty much face to face. I was watching her as she slept. Suddenly, she jerked forward, made a "rawr" like sound, and gave me the ugliest and scariest face. She literally scared me. I was actually afraid of her for a split second. Now, whenever she's sleeping and I'm staring at her, I keep thinking she's gonna do that again, because she know's I'm watching. lol. :lol: ^_^

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