Selling Shoes


sarNie Hatchling
Okay, this is my first time doing this and i dont know if it will be a success or not, but im hoping it be

I have a few pair of shoes that i would like to sell. These are brand new shoes that i've bought, but they are either too tight or too big. I have never worn these shoes before when i first bought them so they are brand new shoes. I'll try to get pictures of the shoes upload as fast as i can so anyone who is interest in buying them can look at the shoe to see what kind of shoe they are.

The first pair of shoes that i want to sell is...Naturalizer Sherene Brown Fabric. I bought the shoe for $60.00 from Famous FootWear, but im selling it for only $25.00. I've seen a few pairs online and they sell for $26-$60 plus S&H. I dont tax or do the S&H...that will be included in the shoe.

Anyone who is interested and only serious people...please PM me for infomation....Thanks..!!