Scholarship Awards for Graduating Students


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Scholarship Awards for Graduating Students

For scholarship applications (rar files of the apps):

Applications are now being accepted from qualified High School and Middle/Junior High School students graduating in the year 2007 for scholarship awards that will be presented at the 21st Annual India Heritage Awards function, to be held at 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 29, 2007 at the Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel, 7675 Crescent Avenue, Buena Park.

Started in 1987, the Indian American Heritage Foundation has been sponsoring the annual event to celebrate the accomplishments of high and middle school graduates of Asian Indian origin in academic, sports, community service, visual and performing arts, and science and technology. The Foundation is the foremost Indian American organization to publicly recognize, reward and celebrate excellence of Indian American community’s brightest graduating students, who are the pride of the community, stars of the schools they graduate from and shining examples for other students to follow. They have demonstrated tremendous potential and would make the community proud some day.

As many as eight scholarships ranging from $2000 to $500 (1st $2000, 2nd $1000, 3rd $750, and 5 of $500 each) will be given to the winning graduates in the High School category and five scholarships ranging from $500 to $100 will be given in the Middle/Junior High School category at the India Heritage Awards function. Also, four Outstanding Achievement Awards to applicants excelling in Math & Science, sports, community service and visual and performing arts shall also be presented. Besides the cash prize of $500, the first place winner in the academic, Science, sports, community service and visual and performing arts categories will each receive a revolving trophy with his/her name inscribed on it. Applicants who obtain perfect score on the quiz shall get a special award of $100 each.

An applicant for the award must be graduating in the year 2007 from a Southern California school and have at least one parent of Asian Indian origin. For Outstanding Achievement Awards in Math & Science, sports, community service and visual and performing arts, GPA should be C or higher while for the Academic Excellence Awards, GPA must be equal to B or higher. The scholarship awards are based on SAT score (Star or similar test for Middle School), GPA, extra-curricular activities and a quiz on India (based on reading material provided by the foundation). The quiz is given on the day of the Awards function. An independent panel of judges selects the finalists. Each winner must be present with at least one parent at the function, to be eligible for the award.

The last date for receipt of completed application is April 23, 2007. Application forms or any other information may be obtained by sending email to [email protected] or from the website, or by calling Inder Singh at (818) 708-3885.

Application guidelines, a set of five application forms for different types of awards in high school category and a set of two application forms for middle school category are attached.

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