Scary/Horror Lakorns


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Krasue is really famous among SEA people. I think a relative of mine claimed to see ones few years ago. :| Or maybe not krasue, I'm not sure, maybe the other kind. Anyway, krasue is too scary, I'm not going to watch any dramas/films about it lol. I don't even want to talk about it, actually.

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what's the OTHER KIND?

Anyways, Krasue is usually seen by people who live in the country side. According to my grandma, back in her day there were speculations of Krasue. There was the secretive with the man who had two wives and both were seen as Krasue at night. It's funny i believe in Krasue, as ridiculous as they sound, i believe they do exist.


Hmm, I've seen many movies with krasue's its just i never knew what they were called other than dab luag nhyuv in hmong. Oh yeah, here are some freaky and scary thai movies. Tai Hong (Die a violent death) starring: Kratae S. Pee Nang Mai, about a tree spirit. that's all i remember.


Jao Gum Nai Wane with Pip Ravid and Mew Lalita was pretty darn freaky!!!!!


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Oh god, that pic from Jan Euy Jan Jao still scares me and I've seen that lakorn 4 times, it gets me everytime.


krisayaporn said:
I love Jan Aey Jan Jao, I'm very scare Moo Pimpaka. She's very creepy
wow very frightening!
I dont watch horror films ever. none.
shutter and ju-on were like the only ones bc of my siblings who's encouraged me to try...but that it. lol