Scary/Horror Lakorns


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Well, Jun Euy Jun Jao freaked the heck out of me.. lol I can't really think of any other horror lakorns x3


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Jan Euy Jan Jao... hmmm at times it was scary lol..

hmmm i havent seen any other lakorns.. well except for nang barb... hehe..


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i havent seen them but maybe these lakorns
poot mae nam kong (ch7)
porp pee fah (ch7)
they´re a little bit old 2-5 months?


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I think the lakorn called "Kon ta tip" starring Pok and Ek is kinda creepy. Pok gets some new eyes and she can see ghosts everywhere especially at night.
the lakorn is uploaded by sa790 on youtube.


I don't know if anyone knows this lakorn but it has to deal wit dolls, it starred Johnny Enfone and Khem, I think its one of the scarriest lakorns. All the time I've been at sarnworld I've never seen it been uploaded or mention. Man, I forgot what its called its like Thookata something, it was really creepy. Johnny had a daughter and she loved dolls but the dolls would always come alive and start killing everyone since this one company closed down that dealt with dolls, but the people who worked their died and their spirits went into them.


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Plerng Prai starring Chompoo Araya and Tye Nattapol is kinda scary...The ghost plai roong is me goosebumps everytime I think about her.

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Jun Euy Jun Jao - the first time i watched it, it was scary, but i watched it 3 times after and it wasn't anymore.


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I would recommend Dome Tong(1990)starring Sarunyu and's soo creepy that everytime the scary parts come up, I got chills down my spine..also, Sarunyu and Nampueng did an awesome job, really one of my favorite couple..he's always taking advantage of her..LOL..anyways, this is one highly recommended lakorn...

P.S..I just got done rewatching it..LOL..


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It's 2012

So far I've seen

Jan Euy Jan Jao
Roy Mai
Sarp Phusa
Gae Roy Rak

and I'm running out of horror lakorns now.

I decide to not continue watching Buang for now because I just finished GRR. I need new pairings. Please recommend some. :D


there's this one lakorn starring pepper and ann alicia that has something to do with the myth of medusa or's not exactly scary, but it has a lot of magic/fantasy/myth in it and a pretty good storyline...

this ones called Pood Pissawad

do you know where i can buy Jun Euy Jun Jao??
I really want that lakorn.
Already saw it but it was way back.
Lakornboxset or also known as dvdlakorn has it

and about scary lakorns, i haven't seen much, but i agree mae nak is freaky and there's jed mahassajun with Tle Tawan and Cheer in a little bit at the beginning. Jed Mahassajun isn't really scary, but there are parts that are really freaky, but mostly it's just about 7 people who have powers and try to keep it a secret, but they encounter a lot of things.

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Krasue - Jake Sattawat and Tom Rachaneekorn. The Krasue parts kind of freaked me out and i don't even get that freaked out at horror lakorns. The romance aspect was a bummer since N'ek turned into a Krasue and started avoiding her husband so he cheated on her with n'rai. But i did hold on to my seat at times.