Sawajiri Erika


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Name: 沢尻エリカ (���り �り�)
Name (romaji): Sawajiri Erika
Nickname: Deco (childhood), Kacchan, Aachan
Profession: Actress, model and singer
Birthdate: 1986-April-08
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 160cm
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: A
Talent agency: Stardust

TV Shows:
Ichi Rittoru no Namida SP (Fuji TV, 2007)
Taiyou no Uta (TBS, 2006)
Ichi Rittoru no Namida (Fuji TV, 2005)
Aikurushii (TBS, 2005)
Sakura Sakumade (2004)
Cheers~Tenkou e no Ouenka (2004)
Mumei (2004)
North Point - FRIENDS (2003)
HOTMAN (TBS, 2003)
Hitonatsu no Papa e (TBS, 2003)

TV Show Theme Songs:
Destination Nowhere, theme song for Mop Girl (TV Asahi, 2007)

Closed Note ( (2007)
Tegami / The Letter ( (2006)
Sugar & Spice~Fuumi Zekka~ / Suger & Spice~What Little Girls are Made Of~ ( (2006)
Tenshi no Tamago 天使�� ( (2006)
Sharei (2006)
Otoshimono / Ghost Train ( (2006)
Mamiya Kyoudai / Mamiya Brothers ( (2006)
PACCHIGI! (2005)
Ashurajo no Hitomi (2005)
Shinobi ( (2005)
Mondai no nai Watashitachi (2002)

2007: Pepsi NEX (
2007: Meiji XYLISH (
2006: Sony Ericsson W51S (
2006: Kanebo SALA (

2006 Japan Academy Awards: Best Newcomer for PACCHIGI!
2002: FujiTV's Visual Queen of the Year
2001: Young Jump Uniform Collection Runner Up

Family: Father (Japanese), mother (Algerian-French), and two older brothers.
Hobbies: Shopping, collecting cheap candies & cooking
Talents: Dancing to jazz music, horseback riding & swimming.
Entered Stardust ( through an audition. She decided to audition because she wanted to meet singer Amuro Namie, whom she idolizes.
Changed her official Chinese name from 澤尻繪�香 to 澤尻英�� in 2007-Jan
Has released a special single, Taiyou no Uta, under the name Kaoru Amane. Taiyo no Uta was one of the biggest selling singles of 2006, having sold more than 480,000 copies.
Has released a new single, Free, using the name ERIKA



sarNie Hatchling
didnt she go out with ryo-chan and dumped him (why she would want to do that blows my mind because he's HOT!)? and not to hate on her (i think shes a wicked actress), but i heard taht in real life shes a bitch and shes really wild.... who knows really..... shes very pretty tho... didnt know she was mixed


sarNie OldFart
Well I know nothing about her just that I find her really cute and attractive in A Song to the Sun my first drama of her's :D

Muddie Murda

Yuh she is soooooooo adorable!

But speaking of the Ryo part, I don't think they dated. They just did a drama together. On a radio show, Ryo was asked who seemed the most different compared on screen and off someone you'd expect to be this way, but was totally not. lol He named erika, saying she was nothing like he thought and it surprised him because she has this cute innocent kind face, but off-screen.......

Also, it's probably a month or more ago, but Erika caused a stir with the media. She was being "rude." During a press conference or something.....she was questioned about the movie/drama she was working on or releasing...and she just answered shortttttt answers like "" and so on. The reporters thought she was being extremely rude and wrote about it. Then she wrote an apology letter to the fans on her site saying she was having a rough day and she shouldn't have taken it out at the conference. Later reporters asked why she chose the words she chose in her apology letter, or something, and she couldn't answer it....(probably because she wasn't the one who wrote it)

Anyways, her acting skill rulessss :D If no one likes her diva self, they don't have to support her...but who could resist her great acting and good roles? (Well I only saw one -_-...but I want to see more haha) One thing that really bugged me, that I read from another forum...they were saying how overrated Erika was....but this person never even seen Erika's work, so how could she make this judgement when she hasn't seen it herself to exactly know why she's being loved for her acting :p


Tell me about it.
omg i came into sarnworld today about to make a thread on her, damn i guess i was a bit too late.

but anyway, i LOVE her! i totally cried 1 Litre of Tears in 1 Litre of Tears!!! and when i found out it was base on a true story i cried more. then i went all over the net searching for the REAL Aya's diary. i thought her acting was AMAZING. i'm gonna have to re-watch that drama again one of these days. i dont think she's overrated at all, her role as Aya deserves the good rating. As for A song to the sun, i thought it was an ok drama. but man that girl loves
....... her character and looks are so different from those two dramas you would have though 1 Litre of Tears was made five years ago. sucks cuz i liked her adorable plain look from 1 Litre of Tears.

i dont care about her attitude-i actually like it, at least shes not those fakeass celebs-shes true to herself. if shes a bitch she knows it and shows it, not like the rest of them who hides it in front of the camera. (But then again, work is work, the adorable diva went a little overboard) . it's funny how the news people call her "Erika-sama" lol . i also read her famous rudely said "Nothing in particular" eyes half rolled quote made it to the top 10 in some chart. LOL.
i dont know about you guys, but when i re-watched all her "diva" shit on youtube, she doesn't look mad or pissed off like most people think, she actually looks.....sad?

hope she comes up with more dramas in the future and actually
for once that girl can seriously change her character for each role. Great actress. But thats IF, she would EVER be offer a role again lol ... anywho, she's a great girl. i dont support celebrities, i just cheer them on ahah.

heh she's an interesting asian celebrity. never seen one this interesting before. eww but why a 43yrs dude?! Erika Sawajiri wake up! *slaps* . ha my wild guess, maybe she's been moody these days cuz she got dump.

all and all, she's ok, at lest she's not in jail or in rehab. Paris Hilton went to jail and Lindsey Lohan check into rehab. everyone have their own problems.

GO ERIKA!!! waiting for Closed Note with engsub.


sarNie OldFart
Erika's dating a 43 year old? Gross she's so young only 21. That's just plain disgusting!

They should give Erika more happy endings in her drama's she's only played the female lead twice right and both were not good ending for her.

I haven't watched 1 Liter of Tears yet but I will I love A song to the sun though.. Erika is a such a good singer and actress :wub:


i only watched "1 litre..." & "a song to the sun" (sped through this one). she's pretty good. hope i get a chance to watch more of her work.


sarNie Hatchling
She's played many leading characters ja including J-Dramas and Movies.
& about the Ryo part i hope this helps. She never dated him, she dated Shota from Liar Game :)
But she broke up with him a long time ago .


sarNie Adult
seriously man! she needs to come back and do
more dramas with hot guys.. and break up with
that old guy. wat's up with her man. I love her
dramas and songs. she's effin gorgeous!


sarNie Adult
Erika is a really good actress : I loved her in 1 Litre of Namida & Taiyou No Uta !
She also sings well.
I really want to see her more in drama in the future but please with a happy ending lol.


sarNie Hatchling
Erika is soo cute and pretty!!!!! i love her smile and she did such a GREAT job in 1 litre of tears!!..i cried my butt off everytime she cried...


Staff member
omg.. she's married now ahhh...

wow.. japanese celebs are gettin married at a young age these days...


sarNie Hatchling
It's Official that Erika has been kicked out from her company, Stardust.

credit to HPriest.


sarNie Juvenile
ok? I kinda imagine her husband looking more like younger and...more know....


sarNie Hatchling
does anyone have a pic of her and her husband?

wow im surprise there's so much news about, the last time i heard about her was in one litre of tears, which was ages ago..

updates on her, anyone? Thx


sarNie Hatchling
does anyone have a pic of her and her husband?

wow im surprise there's so much news about, the last time i heard about her was in one litre of tears, which was ages ago..

updates on her, anyone? Thx
Here's a picture of Erika and her husband

credit to

Here's the website that updates on Erika: ESN


sarNie Hatchling
Thank you for the reply! :) wow, she still look as good as ever, and she looks so cute wearing the cap..hehe :p
oh well, i've not much to say about her husband...important thing is, he loves her, she loves him...and they're happy together ^_^