Satree Tee Loke Luem


sarNie Hatchling
the lakorn looks good...but do you think she did got rape by both brothers?.....I hope something happen and she didn't but in the preview it looks like it......


sarNie Juvenile
i can't wait for this lakorn to come out. it's seems really dramatic. i love noon in these types of lakorns. her and oil look good together. :)


sarNie Adult
i'm totally psyched! can't wait to see this lakorn. i like lakorns like this. it makes you think...reminds me of mai eye...


Save World Save Life
i like the song noon and oil sing @ 7 see concert and the theme song in the lakorn is good too


sarNie Adult
she didnt get rape in episode 1? she thought she did? i guess she'll have that guilty feeling throughout...

will she get rape? i hope not i dont like those kinds of movies; too intense i donno...


sarNie Adult
i watched episode 1 and so far so good...looks pretty intense but i like it.

bomp - i don't think she got raped she just thought she did...from the previews, i don't think she did but i guess we'll just have to wait and see.


sarNie Hatchling
episode one was pretty good, though kind of a slow start. oil is such a cutie in here, i like his preppy style.


sarNie OldFart
luv this lakorn but just hate the fact that she is so week in this lakorn so use to her in rahut rissya were she is so strong


i'm still confused about the whole rape incident too. from episode 1 it really looked like she didn't because her guy friend comes and saves her in time but in the second episode, Oil's brother told Jieb that he was the only one that slept with her. he could be lying but ah who knows.


yeah..she did get raped..but they didnt show thinking its because of all the issues about removing rape and violent scenes from lakorns..pretty suck=/ this lakorn is pretty intense..too much crying..she needs to chill out with the crying..its just way too much for me to

itS aNn

sarNie Juvenile
really? It didn't seem like it because the friend came in time..but yeah I'm guessing if he didn't then he is going to say he did and then start up drama? haha he seems to be jealous of Oil..but o'well.. this lakorn is ok so far..