Sapai Tornado


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epoisde 1 was funny how paul and kob fight on the cell phone and her tai told her not to but she did anyways. She didd a makeover at the mall with paul casue gooing to pretend to be paul's wife so funny how she act around paul's mom and sister. Jor the little kid is funny to


sarNie Hatchling
i never really like or watch kob's movie..iono why. but anyways i gave this one a chance cuz of paul of course..and i have to admit, shes pretty good and pretty in here..that lil boy is so fat and funny haha..but whats up w/ his haircut...but its cute..hes funny.


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The little chubby boy always thinks he's's always about his image, lol..he's always combing his weird hair. I think when he met Paul's sister he thinks she likes him...the boy is funny...


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Oh...i still haven't gotten enough of the shopping part. Love the part where Kob comes out and Paul rose to gaze at her, his jaw drop and his eyes wide open. His expression isn't like other pra'ek, It's very cute. I like Kob's shoe, and her outfit. And when he stared at her and all he could say was "SOY" cute..cute...




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KawaiiTennyo said:
oooh soounndss good .. i liek all kob's lakorn i hope our fansub team can one day sub this hahah i just like reading subtitle .. so i dont have to take my time to think what they are saying cuz they speak fffasst :huh:
You haven't been paying attention!

I am a rather big kob fan and well since watching episode I've made up my mind to push for this. I got Jeff's help and I hope to get some other people's help eventually.

Basically I'm translating the episode 1 and Jeff will edit my translation then I sub them. But I've posted it as a core project to get some attention. So far I was about 25 minutes done on episode 1. I decided to stop for a bit cuz I think we need to start releasing stuff out. And since buang ruk was already done translated and edited, I decided to time that instead. But I'm definately not abandoning kob!

I've even fancy the idea of doing Dao Prasook after I'm done with Sai Pai (hahah dunno when will that be.) Jeff is going to help me out with that one since he really like that lakorn. :lol:

Kob all the way!


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I think it's so cute when Paul has a headache and asks if Kob has any meds and she says she doesn't but he says she does! Hehe, it is so funny!

Wonder if she really has it or something else is in the bottle! :D


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omg.. im totally in love with this lakorn.. its soo cute and funnie.. i agree with der052 that scene was sooo funnie... paul even went to his brother to complain... omg.. ahahahha :lol:


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omg i love this lakorn...haha the lil fat boi makes things so funni...and omg kob looked sooo pretty wen she was trying on makeup and a new wardrobe...and the way he looked at her hahaha...its kute but funni at the same i love this lakorn and buangruk with pepper and fang soo much!


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ppl i just watch esp4 from etaisa forum it was so funny and was good too..if you guys want to watch ning is already upload it at etaisa fourm :D


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does anyone kno the schedule of this lakorn???


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Pink_Rose said:
did kob get her teeth fixed, it looks very straight now? :D
I think she got it done a while ago because they were pretty straight in that one series with Mos. or where you asking if she got them done again?