Sapai Jao Sua (TV Scene)


sarNie Hatchling
I got the link to opening ceremony and credit to applewho1987 on youtube:


Expired Sarnie
Tui looks nothing close to being a Chinese descendant lol


Sapai Jao Sua สะใภ้เจ้าสัว



sarNie Adult
Looks interesting! Like Tui and Benz and the story seems fun. Tui keeps on taking the country roles now his nang'ek is one! lol! looking forward to this!


sarNie Oldmaid
loved the episode today. it's just a relaxing lakorn. the chemistry between the cast is great compared to the previous other lakorns that have aired in this time slot. can't wait til they get married and fool the father. almost like keuy ban nok, but the heir is the p'ek and the person they're gonna fool is the dad.


sarNie Adult
agree this going to be a relax and fun lakorn to watch...really looking forward to watch this lakorn.


sarNie Adult
Really enjoying this lakorn. I love tui and benz, but i think i love Tui's mother more in here. It's a new story where the father is the one that doesn't like the ne'ek, usually it's the mother that is evil, but it's the father this time. It should be good. And i also love ning, but i hope she's not so evil like the other daughter-in-law. She's funny smelling her husband like that, but it was smart. To know if her husband with another girl or not.. So i can't wait for episode three, when the family meets benz.


sarNie Adult
I laughed so much for episode three. I'm glad that Fah isn't taking the crap from his father. I can't wait to see the part where Wit's mother will make the two kiss! I wonder what the older brother and sister in law is planning. He seemed really mad with Wit coming home with Fah. The second brother is cute though, his wife is so weird smelling him every time he comes home. Fah is cute, i'm glad at least some of the family likes her.


sarNie Adult
Enjoy this lakorn so far...this will be the first time I watch Tui's lakorn....and I really like him...he's very cute and funny in this lakorn. All actors and actresses are all funny...except the evil sister's in law Rin, but maybe she will have some funny scense in the future.


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OMG .. i love today episode when Tui's mom (Jit) disguise herself to spy on her husband (Tui's dad) and his gik. lOl

and then when he was discovered -- he promised the mom that he won't do anything to dissatisfy and that she's the headmaster of the house, she gets to give order just so they're not divorce -- the parent are just too funny!