Sao Pern JaoSanae(Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Adult
Yes, in the end I was like "OMG die already, ehehheheheheh" anyways, that little girl is so cute. ahahhaha she's a sneeky little one.


sarNie Fansubber
i've been behind on lakorns lately...gosh i have missed so much...but this one sounds good...and mart is sounding so appealing...i checked at buddie media, but i guess all the links are down...anyone gonna reupload by any chance? if not, that's ok...just thought i'd ask and see if mart is worth the watch...hehehe...


sarNie Fansubber
ok so i just discovered this lakorn...i like mart and noon...i think they definitely have chemistry. but due to my limited thai vocabulary i didn't quite understand what was going on in the end...i mean between mart and noon...i guess i didn't understand their why noon was still gonna go through with marrying John,why couldn't she tell mart what was going on...why didn't mart try to stop it or talk to John...and could someone clear up how jamie stopped the's still kinda confusing. the ending was kinda of rushed...

overall i really enjoyed this lakorn...lots of funny moments...and some really sweet scenes w/ mart and noon...and from what i've seen i guess we'll be seeing lots more of mart...and i must say i look forward to it ;p


sarNie Hatchling
seems like a pretty cute lakorn!
does anyone have a pic of the drama,
so i can go and rent it to watch!
much appreciate it!


sarNie Egg
LOL i actually finish the whole drama without understanding anything....... it was a cute drama beside fast forwarding the unnecessary part and leaving the cute part between the two main characters.......overall view was good.......i like it even though it was very long..........some parts drag but it was okies...........


sarNie OldFart
OMG. I'm watching this lakorn right now, finally! I lalaLOVE it already :] Jaja and Andrew are too cute. Noon is so pretty here.