Sao Lao Bao Thai


Save World Save Life
anyone know if the album ost for this drama going air when the drama air or before iam sure the whole is good :) hopefully it air next year sao lao bao thai song is nice i like it alexandra did a great job and the meaning is true in real life to some people


Save World Save Life
im pretty sure going be a long time which going sucks cause the company is work point not dida or dara vdo ch7 thing since alexandra is in there probabaly first lakorn for work point hella good company rich lol


sarNie Adult
ohhh this the the lakorn where Alexandra and Vier will be in it?? i cant' wait...i wanna hear the music too..hehehhe....thank you!!


sarNie Hatchling
Here are the links/clips to Sandra Bounxouei performance:

Sao Lao Bao Thai (Alexandra & Veer)

Funny (Ta Lok)

I still can't figure it out that Thai hosts can't understand Lao, when the language is so similar. I think they do understand by they just don't want to speak in Lao (that's ashame)!

Alexandra rocks! All clips are good. She is very talented!


bite me x___
oh yeah, i wanna see it. i've seen the baung soung for it and the lakorn is call pleng ruk song fung kong.


sarNie Hatchling
ooh cool...back then, long ago when I've read a forum on a topic on whether a lao person can become a lakorn star or not, there was a lot of arguing and discrimination on that particular topic. But now, there is going to be a lakorn star who is laotian and I couldn't help but excited to see this lakorn. I know this question has been asked a lot but, anyone has an inkling on when it's coming out?


sarNie Elites
oh wow sao lao bao thai is so freakin good. my first time hearing this. and man, alexandra has gotten even more amazing since i last heard her. awww she is growing up so fast. hehe but wait, i'm confused...first lao actress in a thai series?? what's this all about? has to do with alexandra?? omg, is she going to be a nang ek or something?? do tell!! im excited! lol


sarNie Juvenile
she is very pretty! can't wait to watch the lakorn!


sarNie Egg
i've heard the song before and it was good. can't wait the see the lakorn. alexandra is very pretty. anyone know the storyline? and does anyone by any chance has this song?


sarNie Adult
OMG...She is cute..and they make a beautiful couple. She is so talented and seem very sweet. I can't wait to watch the lakorn, just has an amazing voice.