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Discussion in 'Japanese' started by Vanida, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Vanida

    Vanida Save World Save Life

    Does anyone like SM beside me lol i watch this every since I was little elementary school it was the best cartoon i watch and fave kind of miss it. I just start to watch it again on youtube yesterday brings back alot of memories anyone know what happen to SM now? Did it end like no more new ones? My fave scouts is sailor jupiter she tough,strong,can cook, flirt and can take care of herself she more like the tomboyish girl out of all of them.
  2. buklaoboi360

    buklaoboi360 sarNie Adult

    well used to watch it when i was 5 lol but i dunt watch it no more lol
  3. Mann

    Mann Guest

    Bring back so much memory, Lol, My favorite is Jupiter haha. :lol:
  4. Vanida

    Vanida Save World Save Life

    miss it i watch alittle bit to see how the live one was omg it isnt good dont like when they make cartoon version into to real people sucks sorry the girls are so werid loooking i prefer the anime (cartoons version) its wayyyy better and why did the english company stop subbing they got into a fight jeezz i wonder if Japanese version is longer then the english one

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