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Discussion in '2010' started by tinah, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

  2. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    im not too excited about the pairing but good to know that romes having more lakorn. the title sounds like it'll be a sad one..
  3. fun

    fun YGfamily

    No Problem? Is it new?

    That is true, I like Ja but with Rome? This is interesting though.
  4. Jieb_Lover

    Jieb_Lover sarNie OldFart

    I knew it. Most likely would be JA since she worked for them before in Awayjee See Chompoo. I wish it was Taew instead though.
  5. teedee

    teedee sarNie Oldmaid

    yeah same here wish it was taew instead too.
  6. somp9

    somp9 sarNie Adult

    I'm waiting for RTEAM for reunion. I'm not a big fan of Ja.
  7. transcend89

    transcend89 sarNie Adult

    ^^same here don't know Ja never watched her lakorns but guess i won't be seeing rome for while i'm so bias only certain actress will do for me
  8. jakjann

    jakjann Jakjann

    I like this pairing ^^
  9. Ana

    Ana sarNie Adult

    Cute!! looking foward to this one :D
  10. Katerine

    Katerine Butterfly123

    aww rome and ja.
    pleased Ja having another lakorn looking forward to this ^_^
  11. thai-lakorn-fan-forever

    thai-lakorn-fan-forever sarNie Oldmaid

    who is ja? does anyone have a picture of her?
  12. jakjann

    jakjann Jakjann

  13. solin

    solin sarNie Adult

    Ja is really cute and I like her since Sood Tae Fah Kamnod !
    I'm glad she will be paired up with Rome.
    Will watch this lakorn for sure just because of the casting lol.
  14. Jieb_Lover

    Jieb_Lover sarNie OldFart

    I know I liked her since her first lakorn too. Then the one w/ Por. But I didn't watch the one w/ Krit since it's not my taste of lakorn.
  15. n_naruk

    n_naruk TOOMTAM :: CHALiDA

    I love Ja. The very first time I saw her was in her first lakorn with Pip Sood Tae Fah Gumnod. She was sooo cute. And in Awayjee with Por too! So cute and so pink! Heehee. Haven't seen her lakorn with Krit yet. It's looks too "actioness". But if it had comedy in it, like Sao 5. Then I'll watch it.

    But I'll sure be looking forward to this one of Rome and Ja
  16. thai-lakorn-fan-forever

    thai-lakorn-fan-forever sarNie Oldmaid

    i really don't think that ja will match Rome...this isn't the best pairing...
  17. Jieb_Lover

    Jieb_Lover sarNie OldFart

    I agree this isn't the best pairing. I thought she only looked good w/ Pip for some reason.
  18. lakorn watcher

    lakorn watcher sarNie Adult

    I'm glad she's pairing up with Rome. Ja is super cute. I like her in Sood Tae Faa Guam Note and love her in AwayJee See Chompoo. She was so cute with Por. I can't wait to see it.
  19. solin

    solin sarNie Adult

    Until now I didn't see a P'ek with whom Ja could match but at the final she still does well. In Sood Tae Fah Gumnod I found Pip too old but it fits the story. So does Awejee See Chompoo even if Por looks less old than I expected it to be : Ja and Por were so perfect and I love the lakorn. I haven't seen the one with Krit now but It's only because I can't watch it before It ends since I have to buy it lol. To me, among all the p'ek she has played with Rome looks the best. And most of all I'm happy to see her in a new lakorn !
  20. dreams_x

    dreams_x sarNie Oldmaid

    i dont think they well have any chemistry,.... at all

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