Sad Parts That Make you cry in Lakorns

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  1. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Song Rao..Nirundon: Ken and Aom. Episode 14 and 15; I'm still depressed.
  2. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr Biemarkluvr

    Tawan Deard, When the lady has waited for her lover the whole time and never loved anyone else but he had to pass away at the end, I cried so bad my mom called me stupid for it.

    Wayupak Montra, when Kati was bitten by the snake and Lom had to go fing the plant, and they met in heaven. Especially when Lom got back w/ the plant and the dad yelled at him that it was too late, but he knelt down and pleaded him to at least let himtry. and she woke up and they hugged eachother, I bawled on that part.

    Kularb Rai Narm when Ploy realized that had been a really bad person and was going to kill herself but she thought about the baby and didn't jump off the building.

    Keb Pandin at the end when Captain decided to stay on his land and protect it and Aom cried, but I was like, that is so stupid, couldn't she just go live w/ him? and i was like omg, Captain why do you have to be so stupid, you love her so much but you just give her up like that? Geez.

    Jai Rao when Aff was going to treat her heart problem and Ken thought she was leaving him and his dad died and he was crying. I have to admit though i'm not a big fan of Ken, but when he cries, it can make me cry.
  3. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    Plerng Toranong -- when Plerng found out that his father is brain-dead and he decided to donate his father's heart to the grandmom. I think every single moment of Plerng's family was sad.
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  4. I cried for all of these...  :teary:  :teary:  :teary:  :weep:  :tearybye:  :cry1: 
    • Yark Yoot Tawan Wai Tee Plai Fah (Son&Grand, Mam&Tang): the sad ending as they can't be together because of their status and when Salatoon separates them and takes Napatsarawadee back.
    • Pin Anong (Weir&Min): where Pin gets shot, when the doctors couldn't help her with her baby, and where Yai cries. (ep 20-21)
    • Luerd Mungkorn-Seur (Ananda&Kimberley): when Wanvisa rejected Parob's hand in marriage and to get out of her life (ep.9)
    • Kaen Saneha (Son&Patricia): when Chut chases Roong out of the house and tells her that their house doesn't welcome her. (ep. 11)
    • Sao Noi (Son&Vill): when San CPR Nid but she doesn't wake up. (ep. 34)
    • Koo Gum 2004&2013 (Num&Benz, Bie&Noona, Nadech&Richie): when Kobori dies at the end.
    • Buang Banjatorn (Chakrit&Marsha): when Lao Puerng and Prae got shot and died. (ep.16)
    • Bang Rajun (Toey&Wawwa, Panjun&Beau, Phet&Prang, Art&Noon): when all the couples dies while Art lives with a suffering life. (ep. 18)
    • Game Rai Game Ruk(Nadech&Yaya): when Yasa separates Saichon and Nangfah. (ep.5)​​
    • Tae Pang Korn (Num&Anne): died for 3 lives..
    • Ban Lang Mek (Num&Aom): when Panrung finally cares about Prok and asks him for a hug, when Pakorn died and Rin attended his funeral (ep. 22 and ep. 25)
    • Likit Fah Chata Din (Son&Mo): when Jang was crying.
    • Hero 1000 Ruk (Dew&Fang, Ton&Aerin): when Cat got shot and when Tai cried and confess his love for Cat before her death 
    • Nang Sib Song (Boy&Bee): when Maree dies in the arms of Rothasen 
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  5. ayny

    ayny sarNie Egg

    Game Rai Game Rak - When Nang Fah got separated from Saichon and when Saichon/Charles started to be cold toward Fahlada because he thought that she wants him to get out of her life. I always cry while watching the MV of this lakorn.

    Pin Anong- When Yai and Pin started having lots of misunderstandings when they separated. Also when Pin was still obsess with Nat, she was so scare of Yai and never wanted to be with him.

    Reun Ga lhong- This lakorn is soo sad.. the OST makes me cry everytime I listen to it. I cried so much on the part where Ga lhong had her last talk with Mai before she's going to rest in peace. It was sooo sad! I also cried on the part where Mai sent Ga lhong to Chote (the bad guy), and Mai was about to stab himself. 
  6. aymieluvsyu637

    aymieluvsyu637 sarNie Adult

    I'm a easy crier. The most recent scene that got me bawling into tears that I still remember is a scene from Ban Lang Mek When little Prock got separated from his Por Guer
  7. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    i cried in tiger in this scene non stop until this day i still feel teary whenever i watch it when wanvisa went back to home after treated by Parob like a rubbish i felt soo emotional in this moment i really was oo into the feeling of the mother and daughter pain 
    and here too when she confessed to her father how much she loves parob  "i love him dad i love him so much" 
    and the top 3 one i cried in it was in ARO when Pranon and Prao broke up and he left her breathless and brokenhearted 
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  8. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    Reun Phayom : when we discover that Jit killed Payom. I was so shocked and horrified

    Naree Rissaya : when Saiparn gets raped and then, is blamed by her father and her sister

    Sawan Biang : basically, all the moments where Narin gets tormented by Kawee
    And the scene when Kawee sees his son for the first time
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  9. In “Nakee” when Thosapol chased after Kumkeaw and discovered she was a nakee. He continued to say I love you but it was too late! Also, at the end when Mae Nak Mai had to leave Thosapol for good! Tears are abundance during these scenes! My heart still ache!

    In “Rak Nakara” when MM was dying from the sword wounds and JN found her laying in the forest! She died in his arms! I cried over and over during that scene!

    In “Jai Rao” when Aeoy was dying at the hospital and Vic found out and he was holding her in his arms! Sad!

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