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  1. jaitee

    jaitee sarNie Egg

    i just started watching this lakorn, and i think it's hillarious....even though i dont really understand much. i'm dying to know what's going on, what they're saying.

    i would really appreciate it if someone can give me a brief overview or main points of each episodes. right now i'm in the middle of episode 5 where cee's mom is talking to his brother....and i dont understand what she's planning to do???(when she pinned an island on the map)

    anyone please........i need some explanations
  2. twinklestar

    twinklestar sarNie Egg

    sry i realize this is kind of a late response but i juz this post - all she's planning on doing is building another resort there. hope this helps :)
  3. Susie

    Susie sarNie Adult

    i love this lakorn!!! cee is so sexy and funny!!!!! =D i'm planning to buy this on dvd when it comes out!!!
  4. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    cee is like a rebel son in the lakorn . it is funnie and cute cuz Cee already in love iwth Jui just dat he dont have a chance to admit it lol. He alway get jealous . I like the scene where they trick him into a marriage which he thought was his brother with the n'rai but it was Cee the groom and he go so mad thinking dat Jui is the one behind the whole arrangement cuz she the one dat perpare the wedding .. so he kidnap ..well .. he run off taking Jui wiht him and den they went into a accident and have to stay at dis valliage and they have to pretend to be husband aand wife .. so funnie !!!

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