Ruk Ter Took Wun


sarNie Coma
Aom/Ken and the cast will appear on "Ratree Samosorn"

wow, aom looks very beautiful. i love her hair like that. makes her look extra younger. ken looks bored lol



i just love this lakorn...but that rose chick is just "ewww" stubborn ass chick..just wanna bitch slap her back and i was like crying my ass out the last two sad..whatever the outcome of this lakorn is..i must say that i really enjoyed it..both ken & aom did a wonderful job and im happy that we got another chance to see these two paired up once again=]


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i just start watching esp 1 and it reminded me of the korean/japanse music video kiss because i'm a girl. when p'ek accudentily took picture of n 'ek at park. and then he see's her again when he went to get his hair cut, but the music video was a sad ending. I hope is not like that with this lakorn


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i'm waiting until tis lakorn finishes so i can go one time and rent all of them and watch it non-stop and then probably go blind too from not resting my eyes and sitting too close to my big screen....LOL...j/k...ah! i dun wanna know wat's gonna happen but i can't help myself....



Lakornaddict ;)
They totally slept together... hehehe....
Next week is ending... OHhhhh I can't wait!!!!
OnlyU clarified and verified in the previous pages.
and I juh dont kno which eps they slept together. .

so hope dat clarifies for u pink_juliet_kashie ^_^


i think it was in esp when they went to his coffee ranch..he just kinda like kiss her...and you know...than you see the next but yeah...i'm so loving this & aom...they get me so emotional with them=[


sarNie Adult
anyone wanna be kind enough to upload the talk show??? i know this isnt the right thread but i wanna ask here, since im already here and the internet connection is too slow..haha

anywys...thanx for the clarifications!...woo, cant wait to watch ep 12 =]


sarNie Oldmaid
Eheheehee...thanks foe the willing scene clearification magigie...LOL..i'm gonna go watch it on Youtube now..LOL...

His coffe! some how coffee w/ Ken just makes him TAT much hotter...LOL...ah! the smell of cofee on Ken...eheehe...anyone agrees w/ me...


what could be more better than to have a cup of coffee with perfect combo..even starbucks cant beat


sarNie Oldmaid
hahaha starbucks...LOL ^

ahh!! i watched a lilo of episode 12 on's soo freakin' sad wen Aom was going to jump off the bridge...and she wuz all talkin' but can barely take cuz she wuz crying too much...Aom ish such a good actress tat scene looked hecka wuz such a tear jerker!! and the way Ken handle the situation...saying" shhhh...ssshhh"..tat wuz so sweet...**tears** he's so freakin' HOT!!! it's so sweet and adorable don't u gals they fit into each other's's soo perfect...and i tink it's juz so lovable wen Ken gave her tat lilo kiss on the shoulder...awwwiess...

P'Aom has the cutest voice ever..anyone agree wit meh?

did anyone notice how far down Ken had to bend to hug Aom....LOL remind me of the picha where he had to split his legs...LOL

ummm...kashie isn't thai so anyone wanna explain what aom wuz sayin' b4 she wuz gonna jump off the bridge?


hmm..let me try to remember..i think she said something like "mother..father..can i go stay with you cos i dont have anyone anymore" something like that..i was too busy getting emotional with her..that i could hardly remember...but yeah..i mean come on now..starbucks..but with ken?? what good is that right?? next time i should order.."umm..can i have Kenfrapp please...and extra whipped cream" lol come Chewy isnt on this thread??where the heck did that girl go???


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This lakorn ended today!!! Um...i don't know if i want to spoil it for u guys but i will say you won't be disappointed. Let's just say a worthy lakorn to buy!


sarNie Hatchling
I cant believe this ended already..
Im gonna really miss seeing aom and ken onscreen together

the ending got me scared there for a bit
it was so misleading up until the very last part but im not gonna ruin it for those who havent see it yet :)

hope to see them onscreen together again soon :D