Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng(Lakorn Thai)


sarNie Coma
funny how they were fighting each other with the stick like it was a sword or something lol.

yay finally showed Oh on this epi. she actually looks nice w/the short hair although i perfer her with long


sarNie Adult
I finally broke down and watch it episode 2 on youtube and OMG!!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ken and Janie are soooooo freakin funny!!!
Janie is sooooooo annnoyin!!!!!!! LOL reminds me of the n'ek in Full House.... she was annoying like that also and it got me thinking how could p'ek fall in love with someone so selfish???? I got my answer at the end of the episode when they get off the island and Janie leaves Ken on the beach to go run after the ice cream man. Then when Ken wakes up, he runs off for the ice cream man and asks about the same questions LOL They are soooo meant for each other. I still love Janie though. Even though she plays such an annoying character..... hahahahahhahah "There are not going to be sharks like the discovery channel, are there??" it's all about the discovery channel. hehehheh
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Can't wait to see how they fall in love :)


sarNie Adult
haha yeah i've watch the first 2 epis on youtube and its hecka funny...
both ken and janie are so cute i can't wait till both of them fall in love too


sarNie Adult
omg this movie is a trip! they are soo cute and silly. i love these couple. so funny when he told her to ati thaun and telling her to say all kinds of stuff lol. he goes off and make that face behind her back. the leech thingy was kinda funny although u wouldnt expect there to be a leech in the beach because those creatures stays in dirty water right?

also the scene where he tied janie to the tree branch lol; and she's all jumping up and down like a lil kid. seems fun to do though!

i cant wait until the next episode it's too cute...


sarNie Adult
My favorite part has to be the ice cream part.... ahhaha Janie running after the ice cream man like a little kid. Then ken does the same thing. and the way they eat it!!! LOL


sarNie Adult
I'm so excited for today's episode. I hope Janie finds out Ken's identity sooner rather than later. I mean she is carrying his wallet and spending all his mula. She bound to see his ID. ahhaha


sarNie OldFart
epi.3 was so funny the part where she left ken and he had to do the dishes and when they tried to hitch a ride ken told her to roll up her leggins and showin her how to be seducetive hehe


lol..yeah it was so funny seeing janie running after the ice cream man..eating 2 ice creams at the same time?? and next thing you know...ken does the same


I like the snake part...when she was bathing at the waterfall. How he spy on her and the snake was licking his head. The length from his fall to her location was so far apart. That's some fast swimming.


sarNie Oldmaid
This la korn is so so funny. I laugh so much especially the part they both got scare of snakes and when they were in the crazy guy's car. LOL. Ken and Jenny play so natural.


sarNie Juvenile
Jane & Tarzan are castaways no more!!! Though I wished they were still on the island together. They should have built a treehouse and started their own civilization there!!! :lol:


Yunho's GF~*
P'Janie is a famous model and Ken I dun really know cuz I missed the 1st epi but I think he is rich.
BUT P'Janie is not that rich cuz her mom has debt to the bad man lol

This lakorn is so funny xD
I like it cuz P'Janie and P'Ken know each other well so they can play smoothly :)