Ruen Phaa (Exact & Scenerio)


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I think I'm the only one excited for Egg as the N'ek. I think she's different from the other n'eks because she isn't what you call PRETTY. She's natural and has the look for the time period that the lakorn is set at.

I'm okay with Aerin in the lakorn, she's cute but at times overacts and sometimes annoys me when she speaks, she doesn't have the n'ek look (she's too fierce)She has the supporting actress or n'rai look. But you can't deny she is a talented actress.

Tono looks hot. I think Aerin is gonna have the hots for Tono, but Tono has the hots for Egg, where Mai has the hots for Gun who has the hots for Egg and Son also has the hots for Egg. Wow, this is like a love hexagon or octogon.
Your not the only one joy2cu. I'm also excited to see Egg as the N'ek. I didn't see her other lakorn she in before but this will be my first lakorn of her. I think I'm going to like her. I see photos shoot of Egg and she pretty.


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Here some more photos of Tono and Egg posting from the opening.

credit to: Tonoforum

Aww sweet of Tono is helping Egg fit her hair orget something out from her eye.



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don't tease me with these pictures. i love tono and egg. i actually like them more than tono and grand.

super excited.


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Cast :

Son Yuke
Tono Pakin
Gun Napath
Eak Butsakorn
Noom Suntisuk
Ann Alicia
Jakkrit Amarat
Sorapong Chatree
Aerin Y
May The Star


sarNie Hatchling
super excited for this lakorn. i like oldies i guess. i'm actually excited to see ann alisha. I think she can really pull off the 20s look.


I hope Exacts doing the right thing of putting her as a nang'eak.... Cause honest to truth she looks like an extra or friend....


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I just want to ask is Fang in here. I see that the cast list doesn't have Fang name but I see in some photos she in there?


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thanks for the updates

been waiting for this one....

not a huge fan of egg, but i think the actual story is supposed to be really good.
and plus gun singsssss =)


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Thanks to suk13_karn @ SPICY Forum.

Its airing on the 20th June.

credit : Bieritztono & santsalaya


The t-sers are so cool. i really wanna see Gun, his voice is so romantic :wub:
can't wait, still one more week to go argh >_<


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I wasn't interested in any of cast except for Gun in here at first, lol. However, the teaser looks really good! The OST is so lovely and of course we get to hear Gun sing 555. I loveee his voice and he's so cute ! Ehe. Egg looks better onscreen than photos. She looks like a Chinese actress and she does have this traditional look, it's perfect for nang'ek in this role. I miss Ann Alicia ! She's always rai now >.< I've always wanted to see her pair up with Mos someday ! And with Pepper and Puri again onscreen, lol. (Even though Puri and Ann are already dating. I want a better lakorn of them together !) I'm glad this will be airing very soon ! WOOT ^0^


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the teasers looks great. all i know is my whole summer will be waking up to tono,gun, and son. hehehe.

i'm super excited for this lakorn. i love gun's voice and can't wait to see him sing.

tono and egg looks hot, hot. I see some lip action, hmm I wonder how girls are gonna deal with that.