Ruen Hor Ror Hien (Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Granny
omg louis is so sexy being p'ek for the first time, wow dan's n'ek is also n this lakorn, can't wait for more update on this lakron, they have a gorgeous cast.
Susie looks gorgeous! she seems to exude more sexiness than when she first started out in lakorns (in that lakorn with aon and noon s.)...

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Before i thought susie was not pretty but now i see it, she grew on me in Plerng See Roong. My grandma has always wanted Louis as p'ek. Now her wish came true :lol:


sarNie Tombstone
She looks pretty and louis is hot too. They best looking couple since they're both half. Susie reminded me of Aom Skaojai.


sarNie Tombstone
Wow they both watchable couple Louis and Susie can't wait to tune in, thanks jakjann.


sarNie Egg
Does anyone know if this is an evening lakorn or a prime-time lakorn?

Louis and Susie look cute together. Looking forward to it.


sarNie Hatchling
Sexy Louis, Sexy Susie...

Eurasians people will conquer our thai tv... I love them but it's a good thing to see real THAI faces too !


sarNie Oldmaid
teaser credit to KissKeepInTouch

I like the chemistry between Louis and Susie, but the ghostly thing is just weird...


sarNie Egg
Is this movie airing already... I want to see it, actually them. I've alway wanted them to be paired up together


wow ! this is uhmm just wow lol
Can't wait to watch it too;
i didn't expect this lakorn to be like this ahahha

but OUUUUUUUUUU Louis and Susie kissed soo cute !
They both are cute together;
I am happy how they didn't get together in Rainbow Flame but in here they do


sarNie Tombstone
I'll be second after u Smilez can't wait to see Susie and Louis kissing, and this one looks like its going to be some
fantasy ghost comedy dramas.