sarNie Egg
OK here is the summary

Noon & Oil movie Summary

Noon was a princess and she had to run away from home when she was 5 or 6 because there was bad people that was going to come and get them so her father told there maid to take them away....so Noon and her mom and the two maid ran away and the bad people came and took her dad....when they were running away the bad guys went after them and they ran to the moutain and noon knew how to play that one thing so when she need help she would play that...when they got to the moutain there was this guy that helped her because her mom told the two maid to go and distruct them,then there was this snake that bited her mom then the bad guy caught noon and that one guy came and help her...so when that guy helped her he took her to his parents.....years pasted she was old when she was still a little girl that guy that helped her he died cause he was went to war and died when a bomb dropped.....after all that oil was on a trip with his singer group and there tired got stuck so they told him to go buy some water and food for them to eat....when he was on his way he saw noon chase the cows into the gate or field and stuff....when he first saw her he liked her so her mom went and told her that her dad was sick(her so call dad)

I'll contine later