Roy Leh Saneh Rai

Discussion in 'FanSub' started by BlueMoon, May 15, 2006.

  1. BlueMoon

    BlueMoon SArNWorld STAFF

    Just wondering did you guys subbed this lakorn cuz one of my Vietnamese friends miss watching thai lakorns that I showed her but she can't understand so right now I want to show her this lakorn since it was a very popular lakorn...if it's not subbed that's okay...:)

  2. dee_vang

    dee_vang sarNie Juvenile

    humm...i would sub this lakorn for you. But too bad, i ain't got no computer. :blink:
  3. sulad

    sulad sarNie Adult

    It would be great if somebody subb this lakorn....I have been waiting for years...But nobody subb it..... :(
  4. lamour01

    lamour01 sarNie Egg

    I would love to sub it but then I don't know Thai language. >.< So sad since I love this lakorn. :(
  5. thaifan

    thaifan sarNie Egg

    :p Why don't you sub using the khemr version then. I think there is a lot of khmer people here.
  6. rukD2B

    rukD2B Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong

    isnt this lakorn out on DVD w/ subbs..i've seen it somewhere..gotta go find it i guess... :( i wanna see it too..
  7. thea

    thea sarNie Hatchling

    Hm..really...nv knew the lakorn have subs to it? Well if anyone willing to sub this lakorn I'm willing to provide you good quality video file for this lakorn...ahehe...!
  8. sulad

    sulad sarNie Adult

    You serious..... :w000t: ......AHHHH!!! If you can find it....I would really appreciate it.....I have been dying to see the sub verison.... :)
  9. vina_lek

    vina_lek Guest

    If anyone has the thai version to this and is willing to upload it, I'm willing to sub it. :arrg: Right now, it takes me about 10 mins. to completely sub 6 mins. of a lakorn. So I can probably sub at least 1 ep. per week (10 mins. a day :loool: ) if not 2 eps.

    Although my translation isn't all that great, but maybe someone can tweak w/ the subs later. :unsure:
  10. gozie

    gozie sarNie Egg

    If someone can sub this lakorn that would be great!! i love this lakorn so much but so sad I can't understand a thing!!
  11. Rebecca

    Rebecca sarNie Egg

    Is there anybody can put English Sub, too. I really really like this drama.
    I download whole story in Thai Version, but don't know what they said.
    So sorrow.
  12. sulad

    sulad sarNie Adult

    Such late reply, but I do have the Thai Version. I just don't know how to convert it into the computer. I can upload it for you. Since I really want to see the Subtitle Version. :D
  13. Kelly

    Kelly Guest

    this lakorn is the shit someone should rella sub it!
  14. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    hm, did you gals see it in BUDDY MEDIAS section .. i mean, 7 subbed it up to episode 2. i still need to upload the dat files for her though .. :/
  15. sulad

    sulad sarNie Adult

    I think I saw before it, but forgot about it. Thank you. I'll check it out. :D
  16. nalika

    nalika sarNie Hatchling

    if anyone is still interesting in subbing this drama let me know. I'll help
  17. fun

    fun YGfamily

    I need to fix my labtop... sound is not working so i cant sinc anything if i dont hear talking... lol...
  18. kikiy916

    kikiy916 sarNie Juvenile

  19. vina_lek

    vina_lek Guest

    do you guys mind soft subs?
  20. nalika

    nalika sarNie Hatchling

    If there's someone else who's willing to help, then I'll help sub.

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