Rome from RaTree SaMoSorn


sarNie Coma
omg, talk about hot!! :drool: could he be any cuter?..i really wanna see this. yes, looks like they are having a fun time

thanks youa


sarNie Hatchling
Those pics make me want to watch the show so badly. It looks like he has a great time on this show along with Rita. YoUa, thanks for sharing!


One Of Kob Big Fan
When the show is out I will upload it. I can't wait to see it either.

credit to polyplus


sarNie Adult
oh, Chai is here in the show too. cool to see all them


sarNie Juvenile
chai's bird imitation and voice was tight. haha

And look at him wrap that around rome.

damn, it's about time i found myself a hot asian bf.


One Of Kob Big Fan
They both look good together. Rita looks pretty on those caps and Rome is also handsome too.