Revengeful Love ~ COMPLETE ~ CHAPTER 26


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Revengeful Love
By: M&M orrr Huajaikaungtur

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Doesn’t revenge hurt? Does it hurt more for the person doing the revenge or the person getting the revenge? Aerin had always thought that revenge was evil. What did revenge hold? Aerin asked her sisters. Hate. Fang replied. Sadness. Peemai answered. Punishment. View said quietly. Aerin agreed. Revenge was a big thing but what was more important? Love.


Bie Sukrit as Sila Wisketdaw
Son Songpaisarn as Cheewin Wisketdaw
Aerin Siripon as Aerin Yoogthatat
Fang Pichaya as Fang Yoogthatat
Peemai Sumonrat as Peemai Yoogthatat
View Wannarot as View Yoogthatat
Ton Chayatorn as Ton Beepayat

Additional Characters:
New Chaiyopol as Chenup Beepayat

[adding on :] ][

When Sila and Cheewin were only kids, they always were so competitive. They both had a huge crush on Fang when they were younger. Finally, one day Fang said that she like Cheewin. Sila was so upset but he knew that one day he would get back at Cheewin for stealing his crush. Fang’s sisters, Aerin, View, and Peemai were younger than her. Aerin, View, and Peemai went to America with Fang’s dad as Fang stayed with her mother in Thailand. After 15 years, during the ride to the airport, their father had been in a crash while Aerin, Peemai, and View were waiting for him. Days later they went back to Thailand. Fang broke up with Cheewin making him really upset. Cheewin told Sila that Fang had a new lover which was Ton. Sila wanted to seek revenge back to Fang for hurting his brother.

Four Sisters:
The oldest sibling in the family. She was always so kind to her family. Her mom and dad had called her the “weakling” for not being able to handle hard situations. She broke up with Cheewin to go date Ton for his kindness. The reason Fang broke up with Cheewin was because she thought that he just dated her to make his brother Sila jealous. Fang thought that Cheewin always thought work was more important than her.

She acted as if she knew everything. She loved her sisters very much and never wanted them hurt. She never asked for anything in life but just cared for the happiness of her sisters. Peemai did a job as a modeler but quit the job after her dad died to stay home and help her family.

View was the quietest one. She always thought that there was no need to be loud. View had never been in love with anyone. From the experience that Fang had with Cheewin, it seemed like love hurt.

Aerin was always the smart and strong one. She always defended her sisters through everything. When she was young, she had a huge crush on Sila. Sila always asked her for help to get Fang’s attention so Aerin never really told him how she felt.

Two Brothers:
Sila had a huge crush on Fang when they were younger. He had to get revenge on fang for hurting his brother. But is it as easy as he thought it would be? He used to love her. Aerin, Fang’s sister is trying to protect Fang, too. Will someone else steal his attention?

Cheewin loved Fang. They had been dating for a long time but then Fang broke up with him. He was very sad about the break up.

Author of Revengeful Love:
hihi, everyone. i am also the author of Don't Know How To Love. i am planning to do this fanfic after i am done with Don't Know How To Love. guess about the main characters? hehe..., i just am loving the idea of revenge. haha, revenge sucks. please comment and give me suggestions if i should do this fanfic :]

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Revengeful Love
Chapter 1
By: M&M

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“Miss, can you tell us how did your dad die?” the reporter said. Aerin smiled.
“Sorry, I’ll tell you later.” Aerin said as she was guided through the crowd. Aerin sat down on a couch.
“After all these years, I finally came back to Thailand. I haven’t even seen my mom and sister, Fang yet.” Aerin said to her supervisor. Her dad had been a famous person in Thailand so Aerin wanted to continue her dad’s fame.
“I want to go home now.” Aerin said to her supervisor, Towin. Towin nodded.
“Your dad told me to take care of you if he passed away.” Towin said.
“I thank you but now I want to get home.” Aerin said as she got her purse.
“Right away, Aerin.” Towin said.
“I am not going to repeat again. Call me Miss Aerin, not Aerin.” Aerin replied.
“Sorry, Miss Aerin.” Towin replied. Towin drove Aerin to her house.
“I haven’t seen this house in ages. I miss it. It brings back so many memories.” Aerin said as she took a deep breath. She got out of the car and walked in the gates.
“Nothing has changed. The great fragrance, the sound of peace and quiet still reminds me of old days.” Aerin said as she walked into the house.
“Sister Aerin!” Fang yelled as she was setting flowers up at the corner.
“Fang!” Aerin screamed as she was running to her sister.
“I haven’t seen you in so long. You’re so pretty and tall. You’re almost taller than me.” Fang said hugging Aerin.
“You’re pretty yourself, no wonder Ton went out with you.” Aerin said hugging Fang back.
“So everyone’s hugging without me?” Aerin’s mom, May replied. May came up to them.
“Mom, I missed you a lot.” Aerin said hugging her mom.
“Have you found out about dad?” Aerin asked. May frowned and nodded slowly.
“I’m so sorry, mom.” Aerin said.
“It’s okay.” May said trying to smile.
“You haven’t been here in a long time. I want to take you around town.” Fang said to Aerin. Aerin nodded.
“Now?” Aerin asked.
“Why not? Let’s go.” Fang replied grabbing her purse. They waved to May and got into Fang’s car. They drove the car until a car came up and stopped right in front of their car.
“What? Who’s car is that?” Aerin asked.
“I don’t know.” Fang said. Two men came out of the car.
“They don’t look like good people.” Aerin said as she saw the two strangers. One man opened Fang’s door and punched her in the stomach causing her to collapse.
“You, who are you?” Aerin asked.
“None of your business.” The guy said.
“Should we take her, too?” one guy asked the other.
“Sure, anyways, she’s going to tell everyone about this.” The other guy answered. Aerin’s sight went blur as she was punched in the stomach.

Minutes later-
Aerin awoke to an unfamiliar scent. She stood up seeing that her arms were tied. Fang was sleeping beside her.
“Wake up. Fang, Fang.” Aerin whispered moving her sister.
“Awake, Aerin?” a guy said coming into the room.
“Who are you?” Aerin asked not seeing the person clearly. The sunlight was blocking her face. The guy came out of the sunlight showing him.
“Sila?” Aerin asked recognizing the face.
“Wow, you still remember me through all these years.” Sila replied.
“Sila, brother, help us. Someone captured us and I don’t know why. Please help us.” Aerin said.
“Are you sure you don’t know who captured both of you?” Sila asked.
“No nothing. I just got back. I have no clue.” Aerin said confused.
“Who has you or your sister hurt?” Sila asked.
“I don’t know Sila. Why? Why are you confusing me?” Aerin asked. Sila stepped out of the little cabin house.
“Sila! Brother! Come back!” Aerin yelled as Sila went out. Aerin got up and walked outside of the house hoping that nothing would happen to her sister. She looked around. Where was she? All she could see, was trees and nothing more. All of a sudden, someone held onto Aerin’s back.
“Who is it?” Aerin said as she heard breathing against her neck. Aerin turned around realizing that it was only Sila.
“You startled me, Sila.” Aerin said smiling.
“Do you know why Fang and I are here?” Aerin asked him.
“Just to tell you, I told them to bring Fang here but somehow they brought you here, too.” Sila said.
“Why? What are you doing to my sister, Fang?” Aerin asked.
“Who had she hurt?” Sila asked. Aerin thought really hard. Who did Fang hurt that had to benefit Sila?
“It’s Cheewin, isn’t it?” Aerin asked.
“She hurt my brother really bad. I must hurt her a million times more.” Sila said.
“But you guys are great friends, you and Fang. Anyways you used to have a crush on her.” Aerin replied.
“Not anymore.” Sila said walking away. Aerin followed him.
“Sila, please. I don’t understand. Please let us go back.” Aerin replied.

To Be Continued....

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Revengeful Love
Chapter 2
By: M&M

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“Only on one condition..” Sila replied looking at Aerin. Aerin knew that this Sila wasn’t the same guy that she met in her childhood. What happened to sweet Sila?
“What?” Aerin asked wondering what it was.
“Fang has to marry me.” Sila replied in a monotone voice. Aerin’s eyes widened as her mouth opened.
“What? You’re lying. All of a sudden, you want to marry my sister. Crazy!” Aerin replied looking away.
“Either both of you stay here for your whole life or her marry me. What
Is your decision?” Sila asked. Aerin stared at him. Why did he really want to marry her? Was it because he secretly liked Fang through all these years or was it because of something else? Sila had said that Fang hurt his brother but Fang and Sila used to be great friends.
“Uhh, I, I need to go find Fang.” Aerin said running back to the cabin house to get Fang. She ran in seeing that Fang was still sleeping. Aerin shook Fang softly as she quickly woke up.
“Aerin, what happened? All I remember, was, was you and me in the car and someone, where are they?” Fang asked looking around the little house.
“Fang, sister, it’s okay. I’m here. Sila is also here, too. See.” Aerin replied gesturing towards the door. Fang stared as Sila walked in with a heartless face.
“Sila. What, why are we here?” Fang asked.
“Tell her.” Sila said to Aerin. Aerin looked at Sila and turned around slowly to face Fang.
“What?” Fang asked Aerin. Aerin looked quickly back at Sila as he nodded. Aerin turned back around to face Fang.
“Fang, it’s either….we both stay here forever or you marry Sila.” Aerin said slowly. Fang looked at her not believing this. It was all happening too weird. First, they were captured then someone wants to marry Fang. Fang looked over at Sila and back at Aerin not knowing how to respond.
“Sila, please let Fang go. I’ll stay here forever by myself then.” Aerin replied standing up in front of Sila.
“It’s either you both stay here or no one at all stays here.” Sila replied staring evilly at Fang. Fang looked away as if Sila’s eyes were burning her face. Aerin and Fang looked at each other not knowing what else to say.
“Sister, you don’t have to do it.” Aerin replied.
“Fine. Stay.” Sila said as he walked away.
“Wait!” Fang replied knowing the best choice.
“Made your choice?” Sila asked.
“I’ll marry you.” Fang answered not looking at her sister. Aerin looked at Fang then at Sila.
“You don’t have to. I know your doing this just for me.” Aerin said to Fang.
“It’s really..okay.” Fang replied. She knew that Aerin has done many things to support her before and this time she was going to not let Aerin spend her whole life in this place. Sila grinned.
“Let’s go.” Sila replied as Fang and Aerin followed him. Aerin looked at Fang as Fang avoided her contact.

Back at home
Sila dropped them off at their house. Fang and Aerin got out of the car quietly.
“Marriage in…let’s say, 2 days.” Sila replied as he quickly drove away.
“Why did you agree?” Aerin asked holding Fang’s hands.
“I…the truth is..I liked Sila but I just didn’t know how to tell him after everything.” Fang replied. She was doing it for her sister but that was the only thing that popped in her head. Aerin stared at her not believing any of this. Aerin had a bad feeling about all of this.
“Aerin!” May yelled as she saw Aerin. Aerin walked straight up the stairs not answering her mom.
“What happened?” May asked Fang as Fang walked.
“Mom, I want to marry Sila…wedding is in two days.” Fang replied.

Peemai and View
Peemai and View were watching a lakorn until they heard Fang and May talking.
“Should we go check it out?” Peemai asked View.
“Nope, you know it’s not nice to spy on people.” View replied staring at the screen.
“But, ..” Peemai replied.
“But what?” View said.
“Nevermind.” Peemai answered as her eyes went back to the TV. Fang walked into the room as she sat down beside Peemai.
“Fang, what’s wrong?” Peemai asked seeing Fang’s down expression.
“Nothing, just that I’m getting married in…two days with Sila.” Fang replied looking at the TV.
“Two days! Sila?” Peemai and View yelled at the same time.
“Yes two days and with Sila.” Fang said.
“Wow, awkward.” Peemai replied smiling at Fang.
“Hmm, where’s Aerin?” View asked.
“In her room.” Fang answered.

“This person, Sila has to be up to something bad. I just know it. Fine, if you want it like this, Sila. You can marry Fang but in the end, you’ll regret it.” Aerin replied confidently looking into her mirror. She stared at herself feeling all sorts of feelings. Kind of sad, because she used to like Sila but this feeling felt like it wasn’t permanent. Scared of what would happen to her sister, Fang. Surprised of what happened. But how about happy. What was Aerin really happy about.

Sila walked upstairs into Cheewin’s room. He was sleeping on is couch with wet tears on his face.
“Don’t worry, brother. I’ll make sure, she pays for what she did to you.” Sila replied patting his brother on the head. He walked out of the room and downstairs. He saw his grandma sitting on the couch.
“Grandma Vin, what’s wrong?” Sila asked her as he sat down.
“Nothing, Sila. Where were you all day?” Grandma asked as she looked up at him.
“Drinking with my friends. Normal schedule.” Sila replied laughing.
“Seriously, I called there today and they said you weren’t there and drinking is bad for you, you need to stop it.” Vin replied looking at her grandson.
“Grandma, trust me. I was drinking. They just didn’t see me. Oh, yeah, by the way, I’m marrying Fang in two days.” Sila said quickly as he walked up the stairs.
“What marriage?” Vin shouted wondering what Sila was up to.

Author of Revengeful Love:
hihi, hope all of you are liking it so far :] thanks for the first comments. ;] wow, looks like Sila's gonna get married. wonder what he's up to. :]

Preview of Chapter 3: [below in spoiler:]
Morning- Aerin
Aerin walked out of her bedroom as she heard a car honking in front of the house. She walked outside to see who was making the annoying noise. She walked over to the car as the car window rolled down.
“Sila, don’t you have anything better to do then making noise on front of other people’s house?” Aerin asked crossing her arms. Sila smiled at her.
“Where’s Fang? We have to go choose our rings and clothes.” Sila replied.
“She’s busy with other things that are more important.” Aerin said.
“Hey, she and I are going to get married. What is more important?” Sila said getting out of his car. Aerin looked away.
“Go away, she’s busy.” Aerin replied stepping on his foot. She ran away quickly as Sila held onto his foot.
“Damn it, what a mean girl!” Sila shouted as he held his foot.


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Revengeful Love
Chapter 3
By: M&M

Morning- Aerin
Aerin walked out of her bedroom as she heard a car honking in front of the house. She walked outside to see who was making the annoying noise. She walked over to the car as the car window rolled down.
“Sila, don’t you have anything better to do then making noise on front of other people’s house?” Aerin asked crossing her arms. Sila smiled at her.
“Where’s Fang? We have to go choose our rings and clothes.” Sila replied.
“She’s busy with other things that are more important.” Aerin said.
“Hey, she and I are going to get married. What is more important?” Sila said getting out of his car. Aerin looked away.
“Go away, she’s busy.” Aerin replied stepping on his foot. She ran away quickly as Sila held onto his foot.
“Damn it, what a mean girl!” Sila shouted as he held his foot. Sila walked into the house only seeing Aerin. Aerin was sitting on the couch looking through magazines.
“Took a while for you to get here.” Aerin replied as she saw him. She got up from the couch and walked over to him. Fang walked downstairs as she saw Sila. She walked over to Aerin.
“Sister, this guy wants to take you shopping.” Aerin replied sticking her tongue out at Sila. Sila gave Aerin an evil look.
“Ahem, the name is not guy, it’s Sila.” Sila replied.
“Wait, let me get my purse in my room first.” Fang replied not wanting to. Fang walked away as Sila grinned at Aerin.
“What?” Aerin replied as she saw him grinning at her.
“Nothing, mean girl!” Sila said as he stared at Aerin. Aerin laughed.
“Me, mean? You used to always be mean and you still are. I know why you’re marrying my sister.” Aerin said. Sila held her arm.
“If you-” Sila replied as he looked over at the stairs. Fang was confused as she saw both of them. Sila let go of Aerin’s arm.
“Let’s go.” Sila said glaring at Aerin.
“I want Aerin to come along and if not, I’m not going.” Fang replied holding Aerin’s arm.
“Sure. I’d love to go. It’ll be fun, right, Sila?” Aerin said to Sila as she saw his mad expression. Aerin snickered. Fang nodded and walked outside.
“Oh sure, it’ll be fun.” Sila said walking away. Aerin followed. They got into the car as Aerin sat in the back alone. Sila snickered as her saw her through the mirror. Aerin looked away. The whole ride was quiet. Once they got there, they got out of the car as Aerin rushed up to Fang. Sila followed both of the girls as they entered the wedding store.
“Fang, I think that you need to buy a really expensive and pretty dress.” Aerin replied glaring at Sila.
“Sure, why not?” Fang asked.
“Uhh, just buy anyone. Hurry.” Sila said not wanting to waste money on Fang. Aerin snickered.
“No, it can’t just be anyone, it has to be the best and most expensive one.” Aerin replied as they started looking at the dresses.
“How about this one?” Fang asked as she touched a dress.
“No, that’s not good.” Sila replied.
“So you think that it’s not good enough for my sister, Fang. Well, come over here, Fang.” Aerin said as she pulled Fang to the counter. There was a girl with short black hair and a shirt that said “Wedding Couples come here.” Aerin smiled as she walked up to the pretty woman.
“Maam, please give us the best and most priciest dress in this store.” Aerin replied.
“Aerin, nope. It’s okay. I can have any dress.” Fang whispered to Aerin.
“It’s really okay.” Aerin answered.
“I know just the right one.” the woman replied. She walked back into a room and came out seconds later with a beautiful long white dress. She handed the dress to Fang as Aerin and Fang stared at it in a amazement. Aerin took the dress and ran all the way to Sila as Fang followed.
“What now, annoying person?” Sila asked as Aerin poked him.
“This is the dress.” Aerin replied handing it over to him. Sila looked up at them then at the dress. He looked at the price tag as his eyes widened.
“You’re kidding me!” Sila replied handing the dress back to Aerin.
“Well, this is what I and Fang want so buy it or I’ll cancel the wedding.” Aerin said.
“Uhh,” Sila tries to say something.
“What a mean person!” Sila says to himself.
“Oh, did you just say no, because if that’s so, then I’ll bring it back.” Aerin said.
“No, no. I mean, yes. We’ll buy it.” Sila said grabbing the dress. He went to the counter and bought the dress as they all got out of the store.
“Sila, that was so fun. We should go shopping with each other very soon.” Aerin said laughing. Fang smiled at Aerin.

Aerin and Fang walked into the house as Sila followed them.
“Go away.” Aerin said to Sila.
“I need to introduce myself to your parents.” Sila said.
“No parents just a mom.” Aerin said.
“I’ll go get mom.” Fang said as she walked into a different room.
“You can marry my sister but please just don’t hurt her.” Aerin said.
“You’re asking me to?” Sila asked.
“Nope.” Aerin said looking away. Sila held her arm.
“Then what? She’s going to be my wife. I can do anything to her.” Sila said. He walked away as Aerin touched her arm.
“Anything?” Aerin whispered as she followed Sila. He was already in the room talking to Fang and May.
“The wedding will be held for tomorrow.” Sila said. May was shocked. She choked on her tea.
“Sila? Is that you. Tomorrow, really?” May asked.
“Auntie May, yes it’s me. Tomorrow is correct.” Sila said. Fang stared sadly as Aerin ran over to her and whispered something in her ear.
“I’ll be back.” Fang said walking out of the room. Aerin sat in Fang’s place.

Fang sprinted across the garden at the back yard as she looked around hoping no one saw her. Ton was there smiling.
“I missed you. I came here yesterday but you weren’t even here.” Ton said.
“Umm, Ton…I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” Fang replied quietly.
“Why? Did something happen?” Ton asked.
“Stop seeing me! I’m getting married tomorrow…not with you!” Fang said as she ran away crying.
“Fang! Fang!” Ton kept yelling. Fang ran into the house with tears. Sila walked over to Fang after the talk they had.
“Why are you crying?” Sila asked Fang.
“Nothing.” Fang said as Sila started to wipe away her tears. Aerin was by the corner of the door as she saw him wiping away Fang’s tears.
“What is this person up to?” Aerin thought as she kept staring at them.
“I’m okay, really.” Fang said as Sila smiled.
“Okay. I need to go now” Sila answered. Fang nodded as Sila walked away. Aerin walked over to Fang.
“Nice husband, eh?” Aerin asked.
“He’s not my husband yet. Tomorrow.” Fang said still sad. Fang walked away as Aerin gazed outside. She walked outside and sat on a chair by a table. Towin walked over to her.
“Aerin, are you okay?” Towin asked sitting on a white chair across from her. Aerin looked at him.
“Towin, it’s you. I’m okay.” Aerin said.
“If you need anything, tell me.” Towin replied as Aerin smiled.

Revengeful Love
Chapter 4 PREVIEW
By: M&M [[ in spoiler ]]

“You look pretty today.” Sila said looking at her Aerin’s white dress.
“You look pretty good yourself.” Aerin replied.
“This wedding is great except for one fact, the bride and the groom don’t really love each other.” Aerin said staring over at her sad sister, Fang.
“Hey, I really do love your sister.” Sila remarked.
“I do believe that.” Aerin said sarcastically.
“Wait, are you just jealous? I could’ve sworn that you used to have a crush on me when you were little.” Sila said with a smirk on his face.
“Uhh..” Aerin replied unsure.

Author Of Revengeful Love:
haha, thanks guys for all the wonderful comments. i love them, they all made me happy and motivated me to writing this fanfic. so far, sila is devilish, ehh, but he's still adorabely cute. <33 him as usual.

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yeah, Sila is devilish, ehh, but he's still adorabely cute. <33 him as usual. We surely all agree with you. still love him as usual b/c he is still adorably cutes.


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hey...hey...i love the shopping part... It is so funny...
But poor Fang... Does she has no choice? There should be a miracle...!!


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Revengeful Love
Chapter 4
By: M&M

Next Day--- Wedding
Aerin walked downstairs.
“Hurry up! The wedding is held at the beach. Let’s go we might be late.” Aerin replied as everyone came rushing up to her.
“Like me dress?” Peemai asked twirling around.
“Who doesn’t like it?” Aerin said smiling.
“I’m so happy for you.” View said to Fang. Fang had a sad look on her face.
“Fang, you look beautiful in that dress.” Aerin replied making Fang smile for a short amount of time. May walked over to them.
“Girls, let’s go.” May said as everyone went into the car. May stopped Fang as Peemai, View, and Aerin went into the car.
“Fang, I’m so happy for you, my lovely daughter. Here is my wedding necklace that I wore before. You’re father bought it for me.” May said putting the necklace on her.
“Thanks, mom. It’s very pretty but I think that you shouldn’t give it to me.” Fang said knowing that this wasn’t a marriage out of love.
“I know it’s right.” May said as Fang smiled. They went into the car and drove to the beach.

Sila and Cheewin
Cheewin and Sila were standing at the beach. The beach was already set with flowers and decorations. Many people were there and chatting. Sanee waked over to Sila.
“You’re getting married? Why didn’t you tell me?” Sanee asked.
“Sorry, Sanee. Short notice.” Sila said. Sanee held Sila’s arm.
“But you and I are dating?” Sanee said. Cheewin walked away getting bored of their talk.
“Hey, bare with me. This marriage is a lie. Don’t worry I still love you as usual.” Sila said kissing Sanee’s head.
“I love you too.” Sanee said walking away.

Arriving Girls
Peemai and View got out of the car first.
“Oh, look, they have pretty cakes. Let’s go see.” Peemai said to View as they walked over to the cakes. May got out and people started chatting with her. Aerin and Fang walked out as Aerin looked for the so called groom, Sila. Sila walked up to them.
“Fang, you’re beautiful today.” Sila said kissing her hand.
“Thanks, Sila.” Fang said smiling. Aerin rolled her eyes.
“Such a pretty place.” Aerin replied looking around.
“I chose it. Perfect.” Sila said.
“Oh, there’s punch. I want some.” Aerin said seeing people drink punch.
“I’ll get some.” Fang said.
“No, I’ll. Talk with you’re groom.” Aerin said.
“I’ll do it.” Fang said walking away.
“No! Why does she always leave me with this person?” Aerin said looking away from Sila.
“Funny how it always happens.” Sila replies.
“You look pretty today.” Sila said looking at her Aerin’s white dress.
“You look pretty good yourself.” Aerin replied.
“This wedding is great except for one fact, the bride and the groom don’t really love each other.” Aerin said staring over at her sad sister, Fang.
“Hey, I really do love your sister.” Sila remarked.
“I do believe that.” Aerin said sarcastically.
“Wait, are you just jealous? I could’ve sworn that you used to have a crush on me when you were little.” Sila said with a smirk on his face.
“Uhh..” Aerin replied unsure. Fang walked over to them handing them punch.
“I’ll ask again later.” Sila said to Aerin. Sila walked away.
“What?” Fang asked.
“Nothing, just….about the wedding.” Aerin remarked.

View and Peemai
“Mmm, this is some good cookie.” Peemai said stuffing her mouth with cookies.
“Don’t be a pig. I’ll be back. I need to use the bathroom.” View said walking away. Peemai nodded. View kept walking until she bumped into someone causing her to slip. View felt strong arms holding her. She looked up recognizing that it was a guy.
“Are you okay?” Cheewin asked.
“Yes. Thanks.” View said brushing herself.
“Wait! Aren’t you….View?” Cheewin asked.
“Yes, and…you’re…Cheewin.” View said.
“Yeah.” Cheewin said. Num looked at her dress to see a big rip. She looked at Cheewin.
“It’s all your fault my dress is like this.” View said walking away. Cheewin caught up to her.
“I have an idea. I’ll get you one.” Cheewin said.
“No thanks. Dress ruiner.” View said and kept walking. Cheewin smiled and walked away.

Minutes later
View was walking back to Peemai when Peemai started laughing.
“What’s wrong with your dress?” Peemai asked.
“I fell and it got a big rip.” View said in a monotone. A person with a suit walked up to View. He handed her a box with a gold bow on top.
“From Cheewin.” the guy said walking away. View stared at the box.
“What?” View said.
“Very pretty. Open it! Wait, Cheewin gave it to you. I remember that rude kid.” Peemai said as View opened the box. There was a sparkling dress in it. View set it on the table and looked around for Cheewin. He was staring at her and talking with Sila.
“Be right back.” View said taking the box and walking away from Peemai. She walked over to Sila and Cheewin.
“I don’t want it.” View said handing him the box.
“Why?” Cheewin asked.
“I don’t want a gift from you. I can’t accept it.” View said.
“Think of it as a friend gift. I was the cause of you’re ripped dress, so here, a new dress.” Cheewin said handing it back to her.
“I don’t care. I’d rather wear a ripped dress than this.” View said.
“Fine. Be that way.” Cheewin said as he took back the box. May walked over to View.
“Honey, what happened to your dress? If it’s ripped, we’ll have to go back home and get a new one. You don’t want to look bad at your sister’s wedding, do you?” May asked. Sila and Cheewin started laughing.
“Um, excuse me, Aunt May. I have a dress that I can give her.” Cheewin said holding the box.
“Thanks so much….Cheewin. Still such a cute child.” May said to Cheewin. Cheewin smirked at View. View took the box and walked away.
“I have to go now.” May said walking away.
“So, how did her dress get ripped?” Sila asked Cheewin.
“Let’s just say. We bumped into each other and it happened.” Cheewin said. Minutes later, the wedding started. People sat in chairs as Sila and Cheewin were standing in the front of them. The song started to play as Aerin, the flower girl, came out throwing flowers. Sila started giggling. After Aerin was done, May held Fang’s arms as they walked on the carpet.
“Don’t worry. You’ll do fine.” May said to Fang. Fang nodded not wanting this to happen. They got to Sila as May walked away. The person started to talk.
“Do you, Sila, want to marry Fang?” the person asked.
“Yes, I do.” Sila said smiling.
“Do you, Fang, want to marry Sila?” the person asked.
“Uhh, uhh,” Fang said wondering what to say. She looked at the crowd as her head started to get dizzy. She fainted as Sila caught her.
“Fang!” Aerin, Peemai, and View yelled out at the same time. Sila stared at Fang wondering why she fainted.
“Give her to me. Don’t touch her.” Aerin said pushing Sila.
“Ugh, I’ll take her.” Sila said carrying Fang. He took her over to his car as Aerin followed. She went in the back holding Fang.
“Ready?” Sila asked. Aerin nodded.
“Ohhh, poor sister.” View said worriedly.
“Poor Fang. Why did she faint?” Peemai asked.
“Maybe she was too nervous.” May answered. They all had sad looks on their face. Cheewin watched the car drive away as he stared over at View. View looked at him as he quickly looked away.

Aerin, Sila, Fang
“It’s all your fault.” Aerin said looking at Sila in the mirror.
“How is it my fault? I didn’t put a magic spell on her to faint or something.” Sila said.
“I don’t know. It just is.” Aerin said looking at her sister, Fang.
“Don’t make conclusions without knowing the truth.” Sila said.
“You’re not a teacher.” Aerin replied.
“I’m not talking anymore.” Sila said. The whole ride was quiet. Minutes later, they arrived at the hospital as Sila rushed in holding Fang.
“Be careful. Don’t drop her.” Aerin replied.
“Don’t worry. If I do, you can slap me.” Sila said.
“Hmpf.” Aerin said worrying. Minutes later, Sila and Fang waited outside of a room as Aerin walked back and forth. Sila sat down watching Aerin.
“Stop walking back and forth. It’s making me dizzy.” Sila said.
“I’m worried.” Aerin said. Sila walked over to her and pulled her arm.
“Sit down.” Sila said.
“Don’t touch me.” Aerin said as Sila pulled her over to the chair. She sat down.
“If you worry too much, then you’ll get sick.” Sila said. Aerin sighed as the doctor walked out of the room. Aerin and Sila stood up.
“What happened, Doctor?” Aerin asked.
“She’s okay. She’s just very sad about something.” the doctor replied.
“Can I go see her?” Aerin asked.
“Sure.” the doctor answered. Sila followed Aerin into the room.
“Oh poor, Fang.” Aerin replied sitting beside her sister’s bed. Sila sat on the other side. Fang’s eyes opened slowly as she stared over at Aerin.
“What, what happened?” Fang said softly.
“You’re awake! You just fainted.” Aerin replied.
“Oh, thanks Aerin for taking me here.” Fang said.
“Oh, it…wasn’t me. It was..” Aerin replied as Fang turned to Sila.
“It was me.” Sila said.
“I’m so sorry, Sila for stopping the wedding. I’m really sorry.” Fang replied.
“It’s okay. I’m just worried about you.” Sila said holding her hands. Aerin stared at them holding hands. The doctor came in.
“Please get out so she can get some rest.” the doctor said. Aerin and Sila nodded. They both walked out.
“Fang might be hungry, I should get some food.” Aerin said. Sila nodded.
“Better hurry.” Sila said.
“I will.” Aerin yelled running.

View sat down worrying about her sister.
“Don’t worry too much.” Peemai said sitting beside View.
“How can I not worry? It’s our sister.” View said. Cheewin walked over to them.
“I think mom’s calling me.” Peemai smirked walking away.
“Great.” View said as Cheewin sat beside her.
“What now?” View asked.
“You look great in that dress.” Cheewin said.
“Thanks but it won’t help me to forget about my sister.” View answered.

Ton walked into the hospital room to see that Fang was sleeping. He sat in a chair beside the bed.
“Fang, I miss you so much.” Ton said starting to cry.
“I can’t live without you. When I heard that you were going to get married to someone else, it hurt so much. I wish you were mines.” Ton said sadly. He heard the door opening behind him as he quickly hid in the bathroom. Sila walked inside and sat beside Fang. Fang woke up as she heard Sila walk in.
“Oh, it’s you.” Fang said kind of disappointed. Sila smiled. He held out a ring.
“Will you marry me?” Sila asked.
“Right here? Now?” Fang asked.
“Yes. I don’t care about how big the wedding is. It’s okay if you don’t want to marry me.” Sila said. Fang looked at him wondering. She remembered what Sila said.

“If you don’t marry me, your sister, Aerin will get hurt.” Sila said.
“Please don’t hurt her.” Fang said.

Back to the real world
“Yes.” Fang said kind of hesitating it. Ton stared by the bathroom door hurt. Sila put the ring on Fang’s finger as Ton stared at them. He ran out of the room hoping to run away from everything. He bumped into Aerin.
“What’s wrong, Ton?” Aerin asked.
“I’m sorry. I have to go. Tell Fang, I hope she will stay happy.” Ton said.
“Sure.” Aerin replied wondering what had happened. She rushed up to the room and opened the door seeing Sila right there. Sila walked past her. Aerin walked behind him.
“What happened?” Aerin asked.
“We got married.” Sila answered.
“Here? At a hospital?” Aerin asked.
“Why not? Fang agreed. She’ll be moving in with me tomorrow.” Sila said. Aerin walked into the room and saw Fang crying.
“Oh Fang. I just saw T-” Aerin was about to say Ton but didn’t want her sister to get more hurt.
“What?” Fang asked.
“Nothing. I heard that you were moving in with him tomorrow.” Aerin replied.
Yes. I am. Aerin, can you move with me? I don’t know if I can stay in there alone.” Fang said.
“Uhhh,” Aerin said.
“Please, move with me.” Fang said.
“Okay, anything for my sister.” Aerin said as Fang hugged her.

Next day
“Let’s go now.” Sila said as he helped Fang out of the bed. They got into the car as Aerin rushed up to them.
“Don’t forget me.” Aerin said.
“What? Why are you here?” Sila asked.
“I’m going with you guys.” Aerin said.
“No, you can’t.” Sila said.
“I can if I want to.” Aerin said.
“I want her to.” Fang said to Sila. Sila looked at her as Fang got into the car. Sila closed the door.
“You won’t live a happy life there.” Sila said as he got into the driver seat. Aerin rolled her eyes and got in.

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sarNie Adult
oh my, I wonder what is Sila going to do to Aerin that will make her not live a happy life there with Fang. It's so sad to faint when you are doing your wedding, but it happens you never know that it'll happen. It's the feeling inside that makes things happen, not the person. I so wish that Ton get's happy and tries to move on. I know that it's really hard to move on when the person you once had really loved is getting married and you two are still dating. More. These fanfic are so great to read with a sad song happening along with how the story line is going. I love to listen to sad songs when I'm reading a sad or happy fanfic. It helps me get concentrated.


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Oh can Sila did this to Fang... He is so...cruel...he forces fang to marry him... Sila play as an evil this story... i just know that Aerin is the good sister she care of her sister but she does not know that fang care of her so much...!! Fang do everything just want to protect her...!! Poor fang...