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    Hi can anyone pretty pretty please sub this Movie. I have been dying to watch it but the movie never had an English subtitle ever since it was release. Oh pretty please i wish someone grants my request. :worthy:


    Country: Thailand
    Production Company: Sahamongkol Film International
    Genre: Comedy/ Adventure
    Language: Thai
    Director: Naruebordee Wetchakam
    Starring: Mario Muarer, Araya A. Hargate, Nakorn Silachai, Kiatisak Udomnak, Willy Mcintosh, Koeti Aramboy, Patheera Sarutipongpokim, Santisuk Promsiri
    Length: 90 mins
    Date of release: 1st April, 2010

    Ake (Mario Muarer) is a growing young adult but still not mature enough, acording to his father (Santisuk Promsiri). To master all the necessary qualities of a man he wants him to visit Uncle Che (Nakorn Silachai) during school holiday.

    Info: Film Asia Blogspot

    Me and all of Mario's Filipino fans will really appreciate it. :)

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