Replay Media Catcher?


sarNie Juvenile
Does anyone know where I can find Replay Media Catcher with it's key gen/crack?

I've tried a couple of sites, but either the cracks didn't work or I ended up with a virus (needless to say the virus made me stop looking) but at least nothing was lost.



sarNie Adult
Is this program worth buying? I am thinking of buying it so I can record/ download drama from dootv and burn it on dvd.


sarNie Adult
I heard that the newer version doesn't work that well with dootv, but I'm not sure. (Ask peaches, please ;_; ) But I have the older, v3.02 version and it works pretty well. It does take a really really really long time though, since lakorn files are getting bigger and bigger because they're trying to post higher quality versions.