remake of a thai boran


sarNie Juvenile
Please help me pass my message to ch.7 to get them to remake "Malai Tong?"
it's been more than two decades that i have waited for this movie to be remake.
but i still see no sign of this.
I think that this thai boran deserves a remake because of its good storyline of the main girl.
I just don't understand why they won't remake this one.  Is it because of the ratings -- low? OR this thai boran wasn't catchy in thailand?
some of the remake borans i've seen weren't worth remaking, but ch.7 still made them.  Why not "Malai Tong?" Why not?
thanks for reading and hope u help me pass the message.
thanks again


sarNie Juvenile
I would like to take back my words above.
I'm so glad no one haven't remade this thai boran yet.
Cuz 1-2 decades have pass and remakes disappoints me more and more.
Beside, I feel that if Malai Tong was remake again, and it's a disappointment. It's like I have wasted my time cheering for a remake and for the thai boran to come out dumb, drag, n stupid.
That all I wanted to say and point out.

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
Most of their remakes now a days are terrible and draggy. Even if they make new story lines, it's going to be like Tukathatong it's so confusing and long. lol