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  1. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    muahah yeah cece; he was sizzling hot; and the comedy mixed in with sad stuff was a good blend; this is the only korean drama i have the actual dvd and the thai dubbed dvd off muahaha
  2. markimbarry

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    city hunter
  3. phatman

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    Romantic Comedy: Wild Romance (Lee Dong Wook & Lee Si Young) - The beginning was a tad boring, but it got better towards the middle and end.
    Romantic Drama: Que Sera, Sera (Eric Mun & Jung Yoo Mi) - Not your typical Kdrama, and it's pretty good.
    Action Romance: All In (Lee Byung Hun & Song Hye Kyo) - Well scripted and great cast.
    Historical Romance: The Moon That Embraces the Sun (Kim Soo Hyun & Han Ga In) - Watch it and you'll know how good it is.
  4. wenchul

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    If anyone haven't seen Rooftop Prince, it is a cute one! I love Incarnation of Money!! My all time favorite is Yellow Boots!! Although it's 108 eps it's actually about 54 ep if you compare then with the hour long ones. Yellow Boots are about 30 minutes long each eps. 
  5. fantastic_27

    fantastic_27 ''SMTown'

    Innocent Man
  6. tippytoes

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    I Hear Your Voice.  
    i rate it 10/10 :) 
  7. Falada

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    Boys Over Flower
  8. MoonChild74

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    'I need romance 2' is good. 
  9. x0unerthanlater

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    "Lovers" with Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin​
    If you like Mafia/Gangster type of badboy Heroes + Goodgirl dorky Heroines, you need to check it out!!​
    Great acting, and the plot is twisted screen clutching good!​
  10. ImQueen

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    Perhaps, I check it out! :D
  11. fantastic_27

    fantastic_27 ''SMTown'

    These are the ones I have seen so far.
    Flower Boy Next Door- It's very funny, and sweet. The Main Guy acts like a little kid because he is a video game creator. And Main girl is a girl who won't come out to the world. She meets Main Guy who pulls her out of her cave, and into the world. There love story is really cute and funny. I love it. I don't think there be any sad parts. The person who lives next door to her is a guy who likes her, and writes a comic book about her and the main guy which she doesn't know about. 
    Innocent Guy (aka: Nice Guy)- I fell in love with Song Joong Ki (who as enlisted to the army in august). He has a best friend who killed someone, but he scarifies his life, and went to jail for her. His best friend betrayed him for money and fame. Several years later he then runs into his best friends Step-Daughter in a plane accident. (Bestfriend is a girl) He uses her stepdaughter to get revenge on his best friend. Step daughter then knows the truth, but she loved him so much already. Their was an accident that brought him closer to the step daughter, and falls in love with her finally. This one is a must watch. I swear best K-Drama i've watched since Ive returned to the K-pop world.)
    Heart Strings- It's a love story about a guy who loves music, and is popular in the college campus. He's cold-hearted. Main girl is very out going. She lost a battle with him, and became his slave, but they both developed feelings for each other, and started dating. Everything went well, and there love story is very cute, and stunning. It's very romantic, and sad at some point, but it's very good.
    Shut Up! Flower Boy Band- It's about a boy band who has a strong passion for music as they attends rich school there main vocalist friend died, and the 2nd vocalist does everything he can to put his band back together. It's a very sad, and touching drama. I think its a must watch because it's shows how strong a friendship they have even if one has to leave another. Guy from Gu family book is in here, and Kim Myongso from K-pop group Infinite is in here.
    Can We Get Married- It's very cute, and stupid, because the main girl is a total bitch at times. I enjoyed the second couple more. Lol. It's about a couple about to get married, but they have problems a lot, and sometime break up, and get back together. It's very funny, and cute. I love the bromance between the two cousins. Guy from Gu family book is in here.
    Playful Kiss- It's very sweet, and cute. I thought it was very slow, and the main girl was way to obsess with the main guy. It;s cute. but this drama was a huge waste to me.
    I'm currently watching 
    Who Are You- It's very good.
    Two Weeks-  Very Good, and sad how he is doing everything he can to save his daughter even if he get's beat up or starve for days.
  12. lindaher96

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    Angel Eyes (Lee Sang Yoon, and Koo Hye Sun) the most nice cast, plot and crew a very well sweet and sad melodrama.
  13. spanky

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    Romance driven, not long and not too many crazy n'rai

    my queen hyun man - sweet and fluffy...

    My secret Romance- Very cute and Fluffy....p'k is HOt and n'k is too stinking adorable

    High Society - 2nd pairing stole the show for me....2nd p'k had a heart wrenching scene ...where his heart was hurting cuz he can't have n'k by his side because he choose his mom. His mom gave in. In the scene he grip at his heart cuz it felt like it was rip from his body....OMG an amazing scene

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