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Discussion in 'Hmong' started by nalis, Feb 24, 2006.

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    I'm working late tonight so its pretty boring here and so I just wanted to see if anyone has any good ghost stories to share. I have tons but I just don't know how to tell it the way my dad would. Well I have one and its true, I mean the event really took place but I don't if it was actually a ghost or something that was made up.

    Okay, so my aunt and her family built their recently new home about a year ago. Since it is newly built you wouldn't think that there is any ghost of any kind right? Not true, about a month ago my aunt and her children have been seeing things. One incident was when my cousin woke up early one morning to feed her brother before he goes to school and she saw a white *thing coming from the living room going to downstairs in the basement. And picture on the walls would just accidently fall off the wall when it is just my aunt and her baby are home. One night my cousin fell out of bed and that really freak her out because she felt like it was someone trying to push her off.The most scariest part was that they got so scared that they ask my grandma to go sleep with them and they all slept in the livingroom. And around 2AM music starting coming on from upstairs, first it came on silently and my aunt and them heard. They got so scared and the music just got louder and louder. At this point they had no idea what to do because my uncle works a night shift so it was just my aunt, the kids, and my grandma. my grandma offer to go upstairs and turn it off but my aunt wouldn't let her because she was scare something might happen, you she's old. but aniwase, my aunt was so scare to the point where she was crying and so they called my uncle to come home and called some of their relatives to come in the middle of the night. What's freaky was the song that was on was playing was about commiting suicide.

    So my aunt and them decided to called this old lady who can tell you what's going on, oh also my baby cousin at night he would cry all the time too, so they decided to call this lady and ask her if she knows what's going on. She said that their house has a ghost whose been living upstairs in their bedroom and also in their basements. The ghost followed their dad home when he was coming home from work at night. But they ua neej and it seems to be okay now.
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    Man...that FREAK me out!!! I should have never read this cause I'm home alone!!! AHHHH!!! What am I gonna do now...I think I'm gonna go watch a happy disney movie!!!
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    that's scary hm...well there has been a lot of ghostly stories that's happened but I'll tell the one that recently had happened okay here goes

    It was some time ago and me my brother and me nephew and my sister in law we went to a park it was around 6 pm its a local park alot of mohng people got there usually at around 6 or something okay....that night there was a lot of hmong people more than usual and I was off playing with someof my friends and my little nephew he saw something flash and burning but he thought it was nothing so he went to play at the swing...people say that a little gurl had died there I thought it was a lie but turn out it is true

    My nephew went to play at the swing and he saw the girl he told her to get off but she wouldn't so he hit her. After that I'm not sure what she did she cursed him or something...but my nephew who was like 3 at that time he got sick and he always cried and say his stomach then we took him to one of our shamans and she said that when he hit that girl she was a ghost she also said that, that day was also the day that there are a lot of ghosts out and that the reason his stomach hurt is because the ghost is squeezing on the shaman she convinced him/her somehow but the ghost say that if they ever see my nephew again the will kill him....

    It's so scary and sad thank god he is okay now he is never allows at the park again...i think it's freaky >_<
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    This story take place about 8 years ago, at that time my brothers and I wanted to create a ghost movie. We had this crazy idea for a ghost movie, the concepts was good, story boards were done, props were good and actors/actresses were on board. We had a green light we just needed a good location, and fortunately for us our sister and her family were moving.

    Our sister's house was the perfect location to film. That house was a 2 story building, with two basements. The upstairs had three rooms, and the main floor was just a living room and kitchen. The kitchen had glass sliding doors that lead to a patio with a built in grill. The basement had a second living room with a bedrooms and a small door that lead to the real basement area. I asked my sister if we could use the house for a day or so after they moved out and she said sure.

    So the day before the filming my brother and I went to the house to prep the house a little bit. We went there to cover the windows of the rooms we planed on using for the night scenes. Why didn't we just film there at night? well, because our sister had told us stories about the house, she had mentioned that at night their dog would just randomly sit up and start barking at the walls, door ways, empty space. Which means.... that a.... they weren't always alone.

    So me and my brother got there and we started to cover the windows with plastic. We decide to cover the windows from the back of the house first then the front so we could always have light if we needed to dash out of there. So we covered one room upstairs and the kitchen windows. Next we needed to cover up the room down stairs in the basement.

    So we headed down stairs to the room and started covering up the windows. As we were covered up the first window I heard a quiet creak by the door. I thought nothing of it because the house was older and houses makes noises. Then a couple of seconds later my brother ask me, hey you hungry. I was like strange question, but no. So we continued with covering up the first window. and then we moved to the second window and my brother asked me again, hey man you hungry.

    At this point I understood what he really meant. He wasn't asking if I was actually hungry he was trying to tell me we should probably get out. At that moment I remember a story that our sister told us.

    She had mentioned that she was cooking diner late at night and her 3 year old daughter was running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. All of a sudden her daughter stops halfway in the hallway between the stair ways. Then she said "mom someone is staring at me". Since my sister was still cooking she didn't pay much mind to it. But what she said next scared my sister. She said "Mom he keeps staring at me and smiling." Then my sister turned to her and saw that she was standing in front of the stairs going down to the basement, and pointing down the steps. My sister could see that her child wasn't laughing or smiling but was scared at what she saw. she grab her child, sat her down, turned off the fire, and turned on all the lights and sat in the living by the door.

    The spot that my nieces was pointing too was in front of the room were my brother and I were covering up the windows. At this point my hair on my arms and back of my head was standing. I was so terrified to the point were I didn't want to look at the door just in case something was there smiling at us. But we needed this window covered and I was really hopeful for this movie. So we finished that window in half the time and went upstairs without looking around.

    As I entered the living room from the hallway I saw a black figure standing in the right corner of the room. I assumed my brother had beaten me to that living room because at this point we both were trying to get out of the house as fast as possible. As I was grabbing my coat I saw my brother enter from the kitchen door way. At that point I realized what I had seen and walked me butt to the door, opened it, and we both rushed out and locked up.

    This is where it gets funny. While we were driving away from that house, my brother ask me "dude did you not get the hint, when I asked if you were hungry". I said "at first no but the second time I understood". So he said "then why did we stay to finish up that window". I said "because I was really hopeful for the movie and I wanted it to work out". Even till this day he calls me crazy, and idiotic.
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    I encounter mine when i was having my industrial training for 6 months in a district. I got two friends who stayed together with me. For the first month my friend, S and i never felt anything but another friend K keep seeing things and keep dreaming about the person in the house. The house we stayed have 3 rooms but the main room was locked and we are prohibited from entering the room. K dream twice about ghost in the house inside the main room but S and i kinda ignored it. However things change when we stayed for the third month. In one fateful evening it was raining when we reached home. K and i immediately went to our respective bedroom but S stayed in the living room for a while she saw a woman coming out from the bathroom as she knows we are at the house. S went to the bedroom together with K but she kept it silent. The same night, K stayed in the living room and saw a woman in the balcony. Around 9.30 pm after i finished taking my shower i saw a lady with red dress standing in front of the main room but i ignored it and went straight to the bedroom. K and S share a room and i take the smallest room. In the morning we talked about it during our way to the hospital. That time S kinda believe that ghost actually exist.

    The next week, i kinda annoyed with K because she just had her surgery but wants to eat fried egg. I open my door to the kitchen to tell her not to eat but K is not even in the kitchen. I mean the kitchen was empty. I closed the door and lay in my bed. However my bed suddenly shakes so bad and someone is knocking my wall. Kinda disturbed with that i went to S and K and sleep in their room. When morning arrived, around 5.50 am S already finished taking her time to groom herself while K and me still combing our hair. That time i wasn't even dress properly yet. S open her phone and 3 of us take a morning wefie. This shocks us because our background was a glass window but there a none of our shadow present. However there is a big shadow behind us. Knowing there a something behind us, we takes our belonging and left the house to our workplace. Imagine that time my hair wasn't even tidy and i haven't button my clothes. Kinda funny but scary at the same time.

    When night come, someone takes an image of mine and told K that i want to sleep in their room since there are ghost in my room. Around 2 am K wakes up and look at the floor but no one is there. Suddenly someone straggle her and tries to kill her. She want to open up her phone but her body was cramp because someone is superimpose her. She uses all her might open her phone and play some religious tone to weaken the ghost and she is successful however she kinda look sick the next day. The next day, K told S and i about the thing that attack her. K said she finally realize that the person wasn't me because i won't say there is ghost inside my room.

    There are a lot of thing also happen but we decide to just let it. Our friends from another college who stay in our house said the house kinda spooky. Other friend who had sixth sense saw a woman in the living room too. The ghost also turned off our song playlist. Our phone songs sometimes will get turned off. K, S and I also share some our own moment with the ghost fair and square. Some stories remain mystery to us such as our seniors who encounter the ghost and our home owner also doesn't want to tell us that exactly happen.

    Our solution is sleep in the living room and try to let ourselves busy. The disturb also reduce gradually. Now that all of us graduated no one want to open the story. So our experience stay as history.. We also separated but still kinda keep in touch with each other.
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    I got goosebumps reading this. Lol. I'll probably called you crazy as well but, I guess you're just too determined to finish what you're trying to do.

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