re-airing "Dao Laong Fah" in thailand


both aum & cherry are kids of divorced parents. I think they're around the same age or maybe off 2-3 yrs. both of aum's parents left him w/ his grandma, but he doesn't hold any grudges towards them. he's just happy they gave him life. cherry, on the other hand, is a very unhappy girl due to the divorce. although her mom & aunts spoil her by giving her everything she wants, she has a lot of anger. her mom taught her to hate her father. She grew up pretty much only being happy, if she's able to make other people unhappy.

cherry grows up to be a successful model & later a popular actress. one day, i think she read from a magazine about the "top 3 couples in thailand" or something like that. since her dad left her mom to be with another woman, she thinks any guy will leave their wife if the opportunity arises. she sets out to seduce all 3 men from the magazine. she does so successfully, but she ends up learning that doing so did not make her happy or satisfied in the longterm afterall. But the action has already been set, and cherry pays while aum watches everything unfold.

both actors did a superb job in this lakorn! i loved it!


sarNie Adult
Me too! I enjoyed watching this lakorn of Cherry and also Aum. This lakorn really made me believe that Cherry can really act and portray her character very well.....I really like her as an actress :D