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Discussion in 'Hmong' started by sapphirebluocean, Sep 26, 2012.

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    So there were quite a few hmong dub movies from my childhood that I want to see again, but can't remember much of~

    The first movie I was trying to find is really old. I think it was japanese, but I'm not really sure~ I remember that the characters weren't people acting but dolls or puppets? I think the storyline was historical, romance, and action? I think the characters were samurai b/c they have sword when they fight. I also remember some romance between the main guy character and a main girl, but the girl's father and main guy didn't like each other and were I think enemies like romeo and juliet? I remember that the main guy and girl rode a boat and he caught her tears and threw them into the water or the time it was (night?) and the girl played some music for him while they relaxed. I also remember the doll characters fighting ninjas for some reason...Also towards the end the girl's father,...I forgot to mention the girl's father is old ugly looking in the beginning, but then towards the end he looked more younger and strong. I think he got a hold of some strong strange power? Anyway, towards the end the father and the main guy fights then for some reason (I can't remember who stabbed and killed the main girl) the girl interferes in the fight and got stabbed by the sword. The main guy then holds her and talks to her while she fades away...I remember seeing her glowing yellow or something...When she died the main guy i think he killed the father I don't really recall...
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    Aw...this made me miss my grandpa. I have a vivid memory of my grandpa watching something like this when I was very young.
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    Really? Do you by any chance remember the title or have the movie??

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