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  1. Sherrie

    Sherrie sarNie Adult

    I am dying to talk about hmong dub rare movies (in chinese, india, thai etc...) Please share you favorite movies too.

    I was going through my hmong dub movies and miss them very much. There are many out there that I've seen long ago and wanted to own it but can't seem to find it. Back in the days, these hmong dub cost so much like around $20 for one part...omg...but they were really good dubs.

    "The 3-D Army (1989)" about these three orphan kids who live with their grandpa. Two are males and one is a female and they learn kungfu/magic. Another rich boy would always bully him but he likes the girl etc... so they all became friends and they also became friends of two ghost spirits, the kid vampire and the little girl in white clothes...Yeah, so the evil master of the rich boy's father captured the two ghosts and took them to this little toy house so the 4 children went to save them....(this is a children's vampire movie)---->I can't find this movie anywhere.

    Somsri Program (thai movie) about this robot girl who was created by the grandpa and lived with them. The second part is about another robot being created in the family and Somsri who is the first robot wasn't love because all of the members turn to like the 2nd robot. They always thought that Somsri was trying to hurt the 2nd robot because she's jealous but she's not. The 2nd robot is kind of dumb and Somsri always protects her. But praek likes the first robot...in the ending, there was a competition and Somsri was in it and she won it.

    Ntaj Yees Siv: wonderful movie. The movie starts off where the women of the village always go wash their clothes in the river and there would be a man (woman in disguise) who would fish there. Her name is Npaub Nyiag and so the ladies would tease each other that the man fishing likes this lady and that lady until a monster appear. Npaub Nyiag later makes friend with a couple and their kid. These two couple were wanted by the bad guys (the leader of the bad guy use to be the kid's mom's fiance) and the kid's father was later kill so Npaub Nyiag had to look after the kid because the mom was taken away. Their journey is to find the kid's uncle who was lock in a well by his little brother because he didn't approve the marriage of the kid's mom back in the past. Yeah, so there is a mushroom guy, mosquito guy, tree guy etc...they are all bad....

    Yim Tus Ti Tswv Pheej Ntiaj Nteb aka 8 Immortals: A guy and girl came to earth to find the other 6 members of their group. They have to find the members before the eclipse (dab noj hli). So this movie is super funny. Each of the members are like super bad people. A girl name Lotus (Paj Deg) who runs a restaurant/hotel and cheats on customers. She's force to work with the robbers. Another one is a gay guy who is the assistant of Paj Deg. A horrible police man who treats his mother badly with his so call best friend who cheats him always. A fat gambler and his so call best friend cheats him too. (so many bad pple but they all became good in the end. haha. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    Malee and Malaa aka Tsiaj Tu Menyuam Neeg: Flea market actually sell this movie(^_^). It's an Indian movie about Malee. She is very rich and live with her mother. She has a dog and monkey as her friends so her mom gets killed by the uncle because he wanted the family's house/money/etc... Malee gets separated from the dog and monkey. This dummy guy found Malee and took her in. A pretty street performer found the dog and took the dog in. Later they all found each other and the dummy guy became smart and he falls in love with the street performer. The uncle found a girl who looks just like Malee and her name is Malaa. He uses Malee to pretend to be Malee in order to seize the family's wealth...is actually uploaded on youtube.

    Tsiaj Tu Menyuam Neeg 2??? (India movie) About a girl when she was a baby, her mother gets killed by the train because she made a suicide. Her father is a bad guy who married her mom for her mother's wealth. As a newborn baby in the middle of the stormy night, her heartless father and his mom forced the baby's mother out of her own home. So she brings the baby to the temple, but the priest said that she can't just leave the baby on the doorstep. Without hope, she put the baby in the big trashcan and walked straight up to the train and was killed instantly. Some minutes later, a guy with a baby boy around the age of 2-3 with a dog and monkey came and picked the baby up. He raised both the kids with difficulties. They grew up around the age of 10 and 12. The girl's biological's father is cursed by her biological mother that one day, her baby would come back and get revenge....and she actually does.

    New Seven Dragon Ball aka Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins (1991)(hmong title: Pov haum zaj (something like that)--->love this hmong dub...you can't find it anywhere. (search the web for the info)

    Tuam Meem Fuab Qaum Ntuj Ntxhais Ntxawm: (chinese movie) Starts off with these two brother-sister riding in a car wearing masks and the brother throws trash out to the street and the sister was like, you can't just litter etc....The were meeting their friends in the forest (were actually camping out) but there car dies off at the place. Their friends gang up on the two brother-sister by pretending to be ghosts etc...The brother-sister found a guy and took him in. The guy's name is Huang Cew (as in eww) and he actually came to the future with his little princess. He is a bodyguard and so he, the princess and the bad guy who looks/acts like a devil came to the future....The little princess was found by these two mechanical brothers (they are actually funny guys)...so the ending is at the setting in the fair parks (merry go round, etc..) and they kill the evil guy there.

    12 tug tsiaj (very good dub) is on youtube

    Anyone has any to share.
  2. x_xshinx_x

    x_xshinx_x sarNie Hatchling

    >....< I loved old Hmong dubbed movie!! :D When i was younger old Chinese movie was my FAVORITE... I remember so much, yet none at this moment hahah here are some of my FAVORITE Hmong dubbed movie that i remember:

    The First one will be my all time favorite!
    It's call '10 Tus Kwv Tij' (Chinese movie) this story is about (hmm... i don't know how to explain i suck with summary haha, but i'll try) Both the parents give birth, the father give birth to 5 kids as same goes with the father... after that the father's kids got taken away, and the mother's kids was off to find the father's kid.... then so on... HHAA i SUCK at summary! >....<

    The Second one will be:
    'Yeeb Yaj Yuam & Tsim Yeej Thaij' or in other word "Butterfly Lovers" you should know the story about it... BUT i'm not talking about the newer one, i'm talking about the old one, GOSH it was sad, and i just loved that movie...

    The third one will be:
    'Neeg Zoo Nraug' I think that's what you call it... It was Thai... haha i loved this movie too! It about a guy that was a player, dating three different girl at one time, a Chinese, a Thai, and a Japanese. Then she hire a secretary to help him change up his room when they come. So as she was working with him, she fell in love with him. At the end he decided he wanted to marry the Thai guy, and made the main girl (his secretary) break his relationship with his Japanese and Chinese girlfriend, then at the end all three found out and broke with him. The main girl quit her job and became pretty... then work next to his company... and at the end they both ended up together... (Personally now when i watch it again... i don't like the ending.. i feel like they rushed it hahah)

    These are all i remember... i know there's many, but i don't remember the title of them haha if i do remember them later i'll love to come back and share... :D
  3. kulyia

    kulyia RUK

    Yim Tus Ti Tswv Pheej Ntiaj Nteb aka 8 Immortals and Malee and Malaa aka Tsiaj Tu Menyuam Neeg ive seen before and 8 immortals is really good lol.

    7 leeg ntxhais- about 7 virgin girls defeating a japanese dude lol
  4. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    Flirting scholar!!! I just love that one the most. It was very funny!
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  5. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    I love that movie two. Where they eat these magic thingies. the mom and dad gave birth to 5 kids each.
    this one dude was trying to take the beans or wahtever they were away. but the mom and dad swallowed it.
  6. Sherrie

    Sherrie sarNie Adult

    OMG, I am aching to watch these all over again. Childhood memories that you won't forget.

    Nraug Txuj Yees Siv aka The Eagle Shooting Heroes which is a parody of The Legend of the Condor Heroes. Very funny movie. It's about Ouyang Feng and his cousin who killed the King trying take get this thing but the King gave it to the Third Princess (Nkauj Ntxawm Peb) and so Ouyang's cousin controls people by having them eat this centipede and she hits the small drum which makes people's stomach hurt. Ouyang and his cousin fed a centipede to the Imperial Master (Maggie Cheung) and they all were hitting drums until the Imperial Master damaged her drum. Nkauj Ntxawm went to see her master who lived in the far mountain for help on how to beat Ouyang. Nkauj Ntxawm is also a good martial artist which her favorite one is "Txuj ci xob tua." This is her favorite, but most powerful kungfu. Usually, it doesn't do what she tells it to do because she can't control it. (best dubbers also)
  7. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Chinese Odyssey Hmong dubb, Flirting Scholar(Nraug Txuj Kev Hlub), and anything that is dubbed by Ntuj Fwm Koob
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  8. x_xshinx_x

    x_xshinx_x sarNie Hatchling

    >...< Ntuj Fwm Koob was the BEST dubbed back in the days!!! I agree anything that was dubbed by Ntuj Fwm Koob was// got to be AWESOME!! :D
  9. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    ^i love how they stick to all HMONG -- old hmong terms that we dont' use on a daily basis.

    I like .. that lakorn
    FLIRTING SCHOLAR .. best of all STEPHEN'S work
    WING CHUN by TXHAIS LUS is awesome .
    NHRIA NIAM TXOG NQAUM NTUJ (BETA) best .. i miss lots of the S.T UNIVERSAL OLD DUB works
    Lots of NUM & MAM's Jintara's thai work -- were good in the old day, make me love them as a couple
  10. pinkdisney32

    pinkdisney32 sarNie Oldmaid

    I remember there was this Alibaba (or Aladdin) Hmong dubb movie. That movie was so funny!!!
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  11. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Ikr! He's the best Hmong dubber out there. All the other dubbers suck. lol
  12. pink_juliet_kashie

    pink_juliet_kashie sarNie Oldmaid

    Sherrie I believe I still have "Xya Lub Pov Haum" (dragon ball z)...gosh i need to go back to watch it

    Kuv Hlub Koj the first hmong dubb indian movie w/ Salman by Ntuj Fwm Koob, was excellent, especially the part when the pra'ek's father accuse nang'ek's father of using daughter to catch pra'ek for his money, the words they used were so hurtful and so beautiful...i still remember some lines, "cov niag neeg ncauj qab zib, plaig qab tsev, ntxias noj ntxias qhe,ib txwm nyiam niag yaim luag nroj thiab hauv luag tsav"...dang we can't argue like that nowadays..LOL

    I dont' remember the hmong title but the thai title is Douy Rang Athitarn, there is a 2011 remake of his lakorn, but the version with Kob S. and Saranyu, it was dub by Bi-Vision, the voices werent the best but the voice-acting was great! Man, til this day I still bow down to the women who dubbed for Kob's stepmother in this version, she sounds so vicious. argh! it is so good!!! I don't see them selling this lakorn anymore either.

    7 Leej Ntxhais OMGAHHHH!! the girl who dubbed for the Princess' guard, that man/women was superb...i love her voice LoL...if you haven't seen it check her dubbing out...she appears at 5:40 -

    omg, a drama i've been dying to see again i Tub Xob...the story of the God who can summon lightening with is axe, he later was expel from heaven, burned and sent to earth. When he was born, he had a burned mark on his face, OMG! i love this drama...anyone know where i can get a hand on a copy
  13. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    "cov niag neeg ncauj qab zib, plaig qab tsev, ntxias noj ntxias qhe,ib txwm nyiam niag yaim luag nroj thiab hauv luag tsav"

    Omg, I can totally imagine Ntuj Fwm Koob saying that. Lol. Man, he needs to get back into the entertainment business to teach me some quotes etc that I can use. xD
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  14. kulyia

    kulyia RUK

    omg i bet you guys remember Tub Kos Duab!! haha and all those other movies they preview on the intro. Also the one with the guy who married the bird but the bird sister casted a spell accidentally onto her hubby so her hubby fell head over heels for the prostitute. she was a total betch X( Many more
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  15. Sherrie

    Sherrie sarNie Adult

    @ pink_juliet_kashie

    OMG, you have Xya Lub Pov Haum. Such a good movie. I really want to watch it again. Someone should upload it to youtube. I rather watch the Hmong dub than the english one.

    And yes, 7 Leej Ntxhais for the dubber of the Princess's bodyguard. Her voice is superb. I love how they dub her voice and exaggerates it especially in the scene where he was in the lake and she made the water disappear and he was NAKED. How perverted is she! ahaha

    Dark Tales: Hmong dub versions. OMG, I really want to watch these ones. I've seen the one with the mermaid who took on the human form of this one girl and help save a scholar. The rich girl's father is such a hole and cov dab in here are annoying. I like the part where the mermaid girl was like I'm the real one and then the rich girl said she's the real one. The mermaid wears golden clothes and the rich girl wore white clothes. Then later, both of them said the were the fake one and wanted the scholar to like the other. (haha)
  16. kulyia

    kulyia RUK

    and the one with the girl twins. the sweet one was from a rich family and had a swing. the rough one knew kung fu and had a master who later died. the sweet one made the rough one exchange place with her and allowd the rough one to experience having a mom and a bf. loveed it. i totally forgot the title though. :\
  17. mia07

    mia07 Introvert

    I love most of the old Hmong Dubbs of Chinese and India movies. I just happened to come across two Chinese movies that were dubbed in Hmong and it was SOOO GOOD!! Would like to know the Hmong titles for these if anyone knows so I can see if I can purchase it or something... Thanks in advance!! :)

    I used to think the three boys were so cute!! :D

    This one was hilarious! Very good movie.
  18. pinkdisney32

    pinkdisney32 sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh my goodness!!! The Kung-Fu Kids movie was one of the best ever!!! I like the hmong dubb version better, though.
  19. mia07

    mia07 Introvert

    I remember watching this series in Hmong Dubbed and it was so good, but I didn't get to finish it. Was trying to find the original with Eng Subs but no luck either so was wondering if anyone remember the Hmong Title.

  20. gujuchlo09

    gujuchlo09 sarNie Egg

    I am trying hard to find one, this one is an old Chinese movie, I can't remember the title. But the main little girl in there is called Sao Ti, lives with a rich family, has a nanny to watch her, her mother is a cheater and doesn't love her and father is a high authority man, who is successful. But later on in the movie, her mother beats her up for telling her father of what she her mother did so she runs of to an old friend/who she calls Mrs. Wang, and this Mrs. Wang tries to confront her, but hten Mrs. Wang's son came in and told his mom to tell Sao Ti the truth, and Mrs. Wang didn't want to but Sao Ti begged and begged, so Mrs. Wang told her that those aren't her real parents, she told her that they brought her from rich dad's friend, bc they couldn't have children, so she then decides to go on a search for her real parents, she was in a red fancy long coat, and at the end found her real dad, but found out that she has a older sister, and a step mom and half little brother. Her older sister tells her that they're mom had passed away and the dad was very suprised to see her. There's more to the movie, I can remember it well, but I just can't seem to remember the title of the movie. If any of you guys know this movie that I am talking about, please PLEASE let me know. I have been on a search for it for a long long time.
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