Rak lamoon loon lamai - Ann & Kong


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as usual hope someone can provide summary coz i only post the sreencap
here's eps.1 .....hehehe enjoy it



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Episode 1

Basically in Episode 1, we are introduced to Ann where she is ready for a shoot. She is sitting in the car when her boyfriend, the director, Num G. comes out with this younger girl and that is when Ann finds out that she is not playing n'ek, but n'ek's mother. Enraged, she begins to slap the younger girl. (The younger girl is the girl that played as Por's crazy sister in Likasithuajai). To top it off, she then finds out Num G. is cheating on her with that younger girl. She doesn't shows her weakness in front of them, but goes home and cries. She then goes to her father's resort and sees that they are not having any customers. She calls the places that were offering her work and finds out that it has all been cancelled. She makes the decision to go to Switzerland to see how her friend runs the hotel so she can come back and help her father. The person that goes to pick her up from the airport is Kong. Already when they meet, Ann is giving orders to him and acting kinda bitchy towards him. During the drive, Kong was making fun of Ann indirectly about the slapping incident between her and the younger girl. Ann then begins to choke him, which makes him loose control of the wheel and pile into the snow. They aren't able to drive anymore, according to Kong and the hotel is very far away from here so they hitch a ride with this farmer guy. At first Ann doesn't want to get on but due to Kong saying that she can wait here but he won't be responsible if someone comes along and does something to her ie rape, she goes along.


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Episode 2

Ann finds out that Kong tricks her and that the hotel wasn't that far from the place where their car was stranded. I really don't remember if they said that if the car was really broken or not. Well, anyways, Ann, her friend, and Kong do a little role-playing. Ann is a worker and Kong is a guest. She has to learn how to take care of the guest. When Ann hands him a piece of paper to fill out, he grabs Ann's hand as well. She was about to cuss him out, but her friend said that she can't do that to a customer, so Ann picks up a folder and was about to smack him with it, but her friend said you definitely can't do that. I like that scene, it was pretty cute. I don't really remember what happens after that. But at the end of the episode, Ann and Kong takes the tour group sight seeing together. It seems like they are starting to like one another already. Especially Kong in episode 3, he asks for a kiss from Ann. :D Sorry if the summary doesn't make sense, I usually just fast-forward to the pra'nang part. Lol.


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thnx for the sc bopha!! And thnx for the summary lakornlover, Appriciate it! *HUG*