Rahus Lo-Gan (CH7)


sarNie Adult
LOL..just finish this lakorn...Not bad..I didn't care much for Stefan and Jui characters.. to be honest they were a little boring..I on the other hand love and i mean i love Thun and Peak more..they were the best couple in this lakorn...I just watch their parts..i love it when they are together..also they have a better love story...Thun is just so hot..love him...Love their ending too.. i thought jui wasn't going to get stefan at the end..i thought stefan became the replacement from Arnus...i think that would have been better...but them getting together is fine too.. at least the fan of stefan and jui weren't disappointed. But THUN AND PEAK all the way..they even got a wedding...ohh..i also love Peak's dad DODO in this lakorn..what a nice father he was and he was funny too..when he thought Thun couldn't understand thai..and he was like speaking part thai and english..that was cute..also the part when Peak told him that she was pregnant with Thun...he was like shock and mad at them..that was too cute...Love the father daughter relationship..OKAY..i have written what i wanted to share..THUN AND PEAK ALL THE WAY>>LOL>>>