Raeng Torranong


sarNie Egg
Since Mai and Tik are having 2 drama together I want to write a fan fiction about them. Though many people think they look weird together, for me I think they have a lot of chemistry and fit well since Tik is mature looking and fits Mai well because getting a younger actor to be with her would be more awkward. Raeng Torranong may not be your typical Thai drama where there is only one focus on one theme. This fa fiction will be told just like a lakorn would be like.

Raeng Torranong
Genre- Melodrama, Revenge, Thrill/Mystery and Love
This will be a weekend fanfiction because I might be busy with school.

Tik Jesdaporn- Kalavee and Kathawee
Mai Davika- Natlada Marasamee or Lada
Nott Vorarit- Asanai
Mint Natawara- Nuchrinda or Nuch
Joy Rinlanee- Phetkarat or Phet aka Natlada
Alek Theeradeth- Phubeth
Nong Jenna- Nong May
Johnny Anfone- Pongthep

The sky is starting the turn grey as rain start to drop heavily. Within a dark place where there is sin and crime, where hell and heaven is the biggest nightmare for many people. No one can escape the crime that they each committed.....but as for him...what crime has he committed?...The truth is, no one knows. Only time....will reveal his crime....and time is what he is waiting for and has been waiting for for 6 years. But how long will this nightmare be....until it will be over for him....having to be locked up in a prison cell, where there is darkness everywhere that you don't even have to open your eyes. Until then....he will be waiting.

"Karn......karn....." A familiar voice echo in his ears as he is sleeping in a hospital bed "Mai...MAI!!" An image of blood and a gunshot appear in his dream. A man is calling his name and is asking for help. "Help...Karn".....But before he could help the man with the familiar voice, he is already awake as he open his eyes and breathe heavily. The monitors by his right side start to beep rapidly up and down. Noises start to get loud and loud as they come from everywhere in the room. The middle age man cover his ears while breathing heavily still as four black guards burst into the room and calls for the nurse. Two of the guards run out of the door and split once they leave the door.
" Nai Krub! Khun Karn! Khun Karn...Is Awake!!!!" The guard report the news to his boss on the phone.
" Guard my Nephew very well, if he gets hurt, I will kill you guys for sure this time!" A very low and strict man answer back. The guard hod his head as he rush back into the hospital room. The Nurse and Doctor is in the middle of checking the monitor when the doors burst open. A man in a black suit run over to the hospital bed where his nephew is sleeping.
Pongthep- Khun Mor Krub, How is nephew's condition?
Doctor- Khun Kathawee is fully awake from his 4 year coma....
Pongthep smile brightly as he thank the Doctor.

4 Years Later...
Cameras snap pictures every with men and women entering the entrance all dressed in either suit or dresses. On the left door enter a beautiful women dress in a bright red dress. Her hair is straighten down to her chest. While her face has light makeup on that makes her stand out. The beautiful women walk over to where a group of old people are standing and greet everybody.
Lada- Sawadee ka uncle Thanat, aunt Apsorn...Pee Beth
Phubeth smile sweetly at Lada and gives Lada a bouquet of flower.
Phubeth- This is for you, for being the most beautiful women tonight....and for being my fiancée. Lada....Will you accept...my
Apsorn- Tha Beth, Shhh!
Lada- What is it ka?
Apsorn- Oh Noo Lada, it's nothing. Right tha Beth?
Phubeth- Oh Krub Khun Mae, will you accept my flower
Lada smile and accept the flower from Phubeth
Lada- Thank you.
Phubeth- Oh Uncle Krub, I've been wondering about this for a while since the party begin
Pasakorn- What is it?
Phubeth- Who is Kalavee Kasithorn? I never heard about him before.
Upon hearing the name Kalavee, It made Lada think of someone who she loved
Pasakorn- I don't know too who Kalavee Kasithorn, I never saw him before but I heard from many people that he is a very smart business man. He used to be a surgery Doctor but retire to help out his family with business.
Thanat- Why are you wondering about this?
Phubeth- I
Just before Phubeth could even answer the the reporters rush over to the entrance as people gather around to look at the special guest for tonight's party. Noises echo throughout the entire ballroom as a Man enter the entrance with 10 black guards. The man in dress in a elegant black tuxedo with his inside white suit shirt covering his neck. His hair is combed nicely to his right side and his shoes are leathery black.
The reporters gather around him and starts snapping pictures as the man makes his way up towards the stage. Lada breathes heavily as tears fall down her face. Pasakorn and Khun Ying Kaew both are shock upon seeing the mysterious man. As the man make his way up the stage he walk past Lada. Lada is frozen and couldn't help but stare at him. But the man ignored her walk up the stairs onto the stage to shake hand with a foreigner as he grab the microphone.
"Sawadee Krub, As your all wondering who I am, I might as well tell you all but some of you.....already know me well already, but because your all curious, I'm Kalavee Kasithorn.....The CEO of Seven Heaven Hotel." Kalavee talks in a serious voice as he stare straight at Lada with anger and fire in his red eyes.
More tears drop out of Lada's eyes as couldn't believe if what she is seeing is a dream or reality....