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Discussion in 'Hmong' started by Falada, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Falada

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    Idk what to put as topic name.

    Why can't sisters/brothers marry into the same family? For example, there are two sisters, A and B. There are two brothers, C and D, from another family. If A marries C, then B and D can't marry anymore. Why is that?
    Hopefully that made sense.

    If you watched Qe Muag Xaiv Txij Nkawm (), it's like the situation there with the sisters and brothers.
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    Is this like a taboo in certain culture? I personally don't see any wrong in this scenario. Neither of the 2 pairings (A&C and B&D) have any DNA, genetic conection to each other. If the 2 pairings live happily together, the bond are even stronger than if sister A isn't married to C. I also don't see any wrong with people marrying others who have share the same last name with them, if there is no DNA, genetic connection then it is acceptable to me.

    I know in some cultures, cousins with different last names could marry each other. I think I could never see my cousin as my potential other half. It is weird to me because we are blood related.
  3. Falada

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    Yeah, in the Hmong, but I'm not sure. I tried searching it up but then can't find anything on it. But it's in the movie I posted.
  4. Ms.Zoe

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    I think it is a shame if 2 people who love each other couldn't be together because their culture doesn't allow their union when in other cultures their union is perfectly acceptable.
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    To answer your question, if I am correct it is believe that a pair of sister should not marry a pair of brother from another family, because one couple may be bound to gain more wealth and success. While, the other couple may be bound to encounter failures and fall outs. In which, it can cause obstacles in their relationships overall. Direct saying, if sister A married brother C first and had a great marriage. Once sister B married brother D, their marriage may not be successful because all the good omens have went to sister A and brother C marriage. Hopefully that clarified your questions.

    To mention, the belief not only fall into a pair of sister or brother. The belief also applies to the female and male side family. For an example, a pair of female cousins should not marry a pair of brother. Although both females do not share the same parent, the female families share the same bloodline and falls under one family tree. To turn it around, it applies to the male side of family as well. A pair of male cousin is suggested not to marry a pair sister. Therefore, the same belief of one may be more successful than other may occurred.

    It is up to one individual or families belief. If you don't believe it, just don't believe it. However, if you practice it and find it important due to being an culture practice, than it may be best to avoid it.
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  6. Falada

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    Yes, thank you for the clarification. My mom says that it's in the Hmong culture and I just don't understand the meaning behind it.

    It's pretty sad, I agree.

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