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I've decided to put Roy Adeed Hang Ruk On Hold because a few of the episodes don't have audio TT.TT I will come back later to let ya know what my new project is i'm working on the credits right now;


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hey i'm looking forward to it too thanks for the subbing


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Tinah I'm wondering if you really gonna sub Roy Adeed Hang Ruk Bie and Mew lakorn?? Or is it put on hold as well as Captain and Pin lakorn? Or are you just going to start on EXACT new dramas for this year onnly?? Sorry, I've so many questions ><


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sorry i know i put this in the wrong forum..but please help yeah? anyway..was wondering where can i download full lakorns with eng subs here....there are lots of lakorns here i know, and also on youtube there are lakorns with eng subs, but still...
i think i found some on but i'm unable to download them from there till i become a registered member/ till they approved my registration something like that..
*_* help!

Thanks so much!!!


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^your best bet would be to pm the subbers -- other than this, download from other streaming site, time/sync by yourself or download it and joint the clip together.


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thanks for replying! ahh i see...alright, got it! will probably do that. :) thanks for the help! :)


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I know this is for downloading,but
Can you please english sub
Yark Yood Tawan Wai Tee Plai Fah?
Son and Grand


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Hey there. I'm new here. Uhm can you Please make english subtitles for Saranae Siblor (starring Chompoo and Mario Maurer) and Four Romances (Fhan Waan Aai joop) Please.... i have the movie but no subs. I can't understand them. :-(