Prince of Tennis




sarNie Egg
the movie or the anime???

You can watch the anime youtube or else download it via bittorent. There's a couple of place that you can download it. But watching it through youtube is cool too. Heheh saves alot of space on your hard drive.

here's episode 1

she has episode 1-4

The rest you'll have to use youtube search

They have it dub on toonami jetstream also.

what about the movie?? where do i watch the movie at??


Lakornaddict ;)
THe movie was gooood.
The Lil boy forgot his name is soooo ARROGANT :lol:
"SIMPLY NOT THERE YET." He loves to say dat :lol:
I'm telling u, u gotta watch it.


sarNie Egg
i looovvveeee POT!!!! :wub: just waiting for the national tournament to be done so that i can buy it on haha :lol: the movie just got subbed a while back, hopefully yuu can find it on youtube. i haven't tried looking for it since i have the real version of the live action movie. :)


sarNie Hatchling
i seen this movie i bought it lol
it is a really good movie
like Mango said
he sounds cute saying
"Simply not there yet" lol
but i like Aiba Hiroki more he playes Fuji


sarNie Hatchling
POT is one of the best sports anime out there.............. U MUST WATCH IT !!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! <-- no, im not obssessed!
Youtube should have all the episodes if they didnt get deleted yet (theres 175) and the nationals (2nd season) are currently at episode 8, and they only come out like every two or three month, which really sucks


Staff member
it's a stupid movie ..Lol ..i watched it with english sub, download it thorugh clubbox though ..


sarNie Egg
hey does anyone know where to download all of the episodes of prince of tennis if you do please give me the website thank you


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i love this anime.. keke i'll be so jealous of the players.. i wanna copy them but im not a pro yet.. argh xp lol.. haha still havent finish this anime.. im behind in like everything.. the live action movie for p.o.t. it wasn't that good.. but hey the players were kute though xp lol..