Pra'eks, Pra'rais, etc. that look hot with facial hair


sarNie Granny
But I prefer them w/ out facial hair !! Do ya girl know it tickle when guy w/ facial hair kiss you ? It look sexy, true.


Mrs James Ma
James Ma has beard in 2 lakorns. He looked so bad in Ka Badin. I was sad when he had beared in pcknmcpw fitting but after filming, in bts pics he looks sooo handsome with beared. It looks real :)


Lakorn lover
Haha yes.... Weir!!! He look hottie :woot: :woot: I love ken t, but prefer him doesn't have it... Plus Nadech. I love him more with that. He look more manly. :pervie:


sarNie Adult
I don't know if this counts but Pope with long hair and stubble in October Sonata. OMG. He looks so handsome as an idealist intellectual dude than a clean cut Khun chai.


sarNie Egg
Tui teerapat, oh man this man looks hot in facial especially in Fah Jarod Sai! Pee Tik looks hot in facial too, saw in one of his top talk magazine, he was sexy. Nadech in TRKJ, God he look handsome. I think with a beard, some actors do look more manly and sexy along with more mature or harsh looking


haha agreed with u guys, it's definitely Nadech and Weir! they both look hot with facial hair :pervie: :pervie: :pervie:


Miss KimBarry ❤
- Nadech
- Boy
- Toomtam
- Weir
- Ken T
- Ken P
- Ananda