[PPTV] Montra Maha Sanae: Oil Thana / Benz Punyaporn / Namwaan Kannaporn


sarNie Hatchling
Wow PPTV is def on a role. I will tune into this because I Love Benz P. I think Ch 7 misused her as well. She can pull rai roles as well as nek very versatile. I am more excited to see this channels’ upcoming lakorns since their line ups are great actors/actresses with skills.


sarNie Adult
I looooooove Benz P!!!!! Where has she been?!?! The storyline from the teaser doesn't look very good or not my kind of lakorn but I'm gonna watch for her. But Oil is not aging well.......just got done watching an older lakorn of his and he was soo young lols


sarNie Adult
not sure why they made Benz already married, so it's a bit weird for Oil and Benz to start having sweet moments. I'm like, she's married and her husband adores her alot too so i can't get into Oil and Benz yet. However i find myself waiting for the next episode. hehe..