Poseidon's Lover


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A/N: Please forgive me for posting another fanfic when I still haven't finished any of my previous yet LOL Anyways, this is my very first YADECH fanfic so I'm quite excited to post it :D it's going to be a short fanfic, around 10-15 chapters maybe, not sure yet LOL it's going to be a Rated R fanfic so lil kiddos out there, go play somewhere else before I corrupt your innocent minds *evil laughter* Here's the short prologue, hope y'all like it :blush:

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Nadech Kugimiya groaned as he shuffled in his humungous bed. He took a glance on his luminous wrist watch only to find out it was already 12 in the morning. He suddenly became envious of the sleeping naked woman beside him. After hours of intense lovemaking, Nadech's body is already begging him to sleep but it seems like sand man forgot to visit him tonight. Since sleep is impossibl, he grabbed his robe and wore it. He went up to the upper deck of his luxurious yacht. The cold sea breeze was the first one to greet him but he did not mind it at all; he paid more attention to the picturesque view that was in front of him. A smile formed on his handsome face as the calm sea and the majestic moon came to his view. Being in the middle of the sea in the middle of the night is what Nadech loves the most. He scanned around the infinite sea on his background. For some unknown reason, he loves the sea so much. His friends jokingly called him Poseidon, the God of the Sea, because of his strong affinity to the sea.

Nadech was taken aback when he suddenly felt someone hugged him from the back. It was the woman on his bed.

"Would you like to do it here in the deck?" The woman seductively asked him as she started to run her hands along Nadech's six packs.

"Dream on, woman. You're boring." Nadech told the woman and he forcibly took off her arms around his waist. The woman stared at him confusingly and suddenly started to shout.

"Boring?! That was the best sex I had in my life!" The woman continued shouting at him angrily but Nadech pretends as if she was not there. He grabbed his cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number. He asked his people to bring the woman back to Bangkok.
Nadech dialed another number.

"Bring me the woman I've met 2 nights ago in the club. NOW!" He shouted at the phone. He knew all along that what he wanted; he knew she was the reason of his sleepless nights.


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OMAIGOD you're writing YADECH. Well even if you don't rate is as R, I already know you'll write them LMAO.

Keep writing Donna, love all your fanfics. I noticed that now your writing skill is starting to be more matured. :thumbsup:

By the way, please update the others na!!!
OMG. I read your ATeam FFs and they were mind blowing! I am so excited that you are writing Yadech FF! Can't wait naka. Prologue is already tense. lol


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Chapter 1

2 nights ago…

A black Bugatti Veyron sports car stopped right in front of a small club in Sukhumvit road in Bangkok. Everyone oohed and aahed as a very expensive sports car came in to their view. A man, wearing a plain white shirt, a pair of faded jeans and sneakers came down from the car. His masculine built obviously shows that he regularly visits the gym. Undeniably, he was handsome even though he looks so infuriated. He walked inside the club with long strides. Even though it was already 1 in the morning, the club was still jam-packed. Almost everyone was dancing wildly on the dance floor so making his way up to the VIP lounge is such a hassle. The door of the lounge forcibly flung open and it was closed in the same manner.

“Poseidon finally left the sea!” One of the young man happily said, not minding how angry the person who just entered.

“Shut up, Mark! I’m not in a good mood today!” Nadech Kugimiya yelled at him. He sat on the empty chair and grabbed the bottle of liquor on the table. He drank it as if it was just water.

“Something’s bothering him.” Boy whispered to Mark as both of them were looking at Nadech.

“I think a storm’s coming. He can’t take his yacht out this weekend.” Mark whispered back then both men started to laugh. Nadech looked at them angrily then he took a deep breath to calm himself for a while. He drank another shot of liquor then he finally explained his outrage.

“My parents are forcing me to get married as soon as possible.” Nadech said as calm as possible. Boy and Mark suddenly became silent. Nadech Kugimiya may be a playboy but he is a good son. In his entire life, he never broke his parents’ rules, not even once.

“So, is it going to be an arranged marriage or they’ll let you choose?” Mark asked him as he patted his friend’s shoulder.

“They said I could choose.” He said as he drank more liquor. Nadech took the bottle of liquor then he stood up. He went to the one-way glass window right in front of them. From where he is standing, he could see everyone in the club. At some point, Nadech envies them. They may not be as rich as him, but at least, they could freely choose on what they wanted in their lives. He even gave up his intense love for music just to fulfill his parents’ dreams for him.

“You could always ask one of your women to be your wife.” Mark suggested as he stood beside Nadech.

“World War III would start if Nadech will do that. You know how possessive those women are, right? They would literally kill each other just to be Mrs. Nadech Kugimiya.” Boy’s statement made Nadech chuckle. Boy and Mark kept on giving him suggestions but Nadech wasn’t paying attention to them anymore. A woman dancing seductively on the middle of the dance floor caught his attention. His eyes were only fixed on her beautiful face. Even from up there, he could tell she is not a full blooded Thai. He never liked foreign or even mixed women but it seems like his preferences had changed now.

“Who is she?” Nadech asked while pointing at her. Mark turned his attention to the woman that Nadech is pointing at.

“Yaya Sperbund. A very naughty girl. I often see her clinging to rich old men. Probably because loan sharks are after her. ” Mark said, giving all the information he knows about that woman. Nadech listened as he drank more liquor.

“Not only that, she’s a playgirl too. Look how she dances with that group of ugly guys.” Boy added. Nadech’s mind started to work. His parents gave him the option to choose the woman he would marry. Marrying a decent woman means his playboy days would be over and he obviously doesn’t want that. Marrying a playgirl would be more beneficial for him. They would be married but he could go on with being playboy and she could go on being a playgirl as well plus he’ll pay all her debts and even give her weekly allowance. It’s an offer she couldn’t resist.

Nadech turned his back from the glass window then placed the bottle on the table. He was feeling a bit tipsy now but who cares? He needed a
wife at this very moment.

“Where the hell are you going?!” Mark asked him. He knew Nadech easily gets drunk and he does unbelievable things when he is intoxicated with alcohol.

“I just found myself a wife.”

Nadech, who was staring blankly on the calm sea, came back to reality when his cell phone rang. Flashbacks from 2 nights ago had been blurry since he was already drunk. He remembered he did meet the woman on the dance floor but he forgot how it occurred. All he can remember is her face; her face that is already embedded on his mind.

“You found her? Bring her here now and bring the marriage contract I asked you to prepare.” He said to person on the phone.

just a short chapter for now. hope you all enjoying reading it :D


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Woaw !! Really loving this !!! I really want to see playgirl Yaya in action .... So not like real Yaya ! Just love it ! Will definitely watch out for your updates .


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WOW, another Yadech thread for me to stalk!

Thanks for writing another anticipated ff. Can't wait to read more!


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Loving it so far! I'm highly anticipating the next chapters. Thanks! :)


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YAHOOOOO! Another Yadech FF for us to enjoy while waiting for TNKK! Thank you na ja!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!


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Chapter 2

“Where are you taking me?! Let me go!” Yaya Sperbund yelled as 2 men held her tightly on both of her arms. They were tugging her towards a helicopter that is about to take off.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. We’re just doing our job.” One the men said. He instantly carried Yaya since they couldn’t drag her to enter the helicopter. Yaya tried her best to be free but the man was as strong as steel. She couldn’t do anything but to obey them. The helicopter took off immediately when the three of them are already in. Yaya just sat there quietly while looking at the window. She always wanted to ride a helicopter but not at this way. If it were daylight, she would probably be amazed with the view from up there. But it was 2 o’clock in the morning. She should be sleeping at this hour, not riding on a helicopter with 2 men whom she doesn’t even know. This is surely kidnap, except that the kidnappers didn’t put her to sleep or even hurt her too much just like what kidnappers do in the movies. ”Who would want to kidnap a poor woman like me anyway?”, she asked herself. She immediately brushed off the kidnapping idea. It must be one of the loan sharks trying to scare her so she could pay immediately. Even if they scare the hell out me, I won’t be able to pay them right now!, she thought again. For the benefit of the doubt, she decided to ask one of the men.

“Uh…Where exactly are you taking me?” She asked politely. The men don’t look like kidnappers at all. They look more of bodyguards.

“We’re on our way to Phuket, ma’am. Our boss wanted to talk to you.” The guy who is apparently the pilot answered her.

“Can’t your boss just grab the phone and call me instead? It’s very bothersome to bring me over to Phuket.” Yaya said, without even thinking. Both men started to chuckle.

“We can’t do anything, ma’am. It’s what our boss told us to do. What Nadech Kugimiya wants, Nadech Kugimiya gets, no matter what.” The pilot told her. Yaya raised an eyebrow.

“Nadech Kugimiya? I don’t know him! Who the hell is he?” Yaya asked. But her question is about to be answered. The helicopter is already preparing to land. She was expecting that they would land on the seashores of Phuket but instead, they landed on a black yacht, a luxurious-looking yacht. Yacht, sea, and a full moon. This is so romantic! , Yaya thought to herself. The door of the helicopter opened. One of the men came down and assisted her.

“Ma’am, just go up to the deck. Boss is waiting there for you.” The man uttered then he went back to the helicopter. The helicopter took off again before she could even say a word. She was really angry. She’s definitely stuck in the middle of the sea, in the middle of the night! How she wanted to strangle that Nadech Kugimiya guy right now! Yaya decided to scan the area. They were no lights in the yacht. It was just the moon that’s making her see things. She decided to go up to the deck, obeying what the man just told her. Up in the deck, he saw a figure of a man, wearing a robe but it was untied so his entire chest was exposed. He was leaning on the railings with his arms folded. She slowly examined him from head to toe. Yaya swallowed an invisible lump when her eyes unexpectedly stopped at the huge bulge on the middle of his jogging pants. She continued examining him up to his body. Yaya’s eyes grew wider when she saw his sexy abs. Is it just me or it suddenly become hot in here?!, she asked herself. Her eyes grew even wider when she finally saw his face.

“YOU! You were the crazy guy who wanted to marry me! What do you want from me this time?!” She pointed at him, looking so angry. The man just gave him a smile, a very sexy smile that made Yaya so weak in the knees and her heart pounding so hard. Damn it! Why does it feel like I want to kiss him?!, she thought. The man was walking towards her. She wanted to run away but she couldn’t. She felt like her feet were glued to the ground. The man was standing a few inches away from her now, still wearing that sexy smile.

“Same thing. I still want to marry you.” He said in a very calm tone of voice. It seems like marrying her is such a simple thing. Yaya looked at him confusingly.

“Why do men wanted to marry someone like me? I’m not even a wifey material.” Yaya told him. Nadech blinked for a few times, looking at her. His face shows he has so many questions running on his head.

“You mean to say, I am not the first guy who asked to marry you?” Nadech asked. Yaya nodded then she started to count her fingers.

“You are the 9th guy actually.” Yaya said as she held out 9 fingers. Nadech chuckled.

“So why did turned you turned them down?” Nadech asked, curious on what her reasons are.

“Well, those old rich guys couldn’t afford my bride price.” Yaya said with a smile on her face. Nadech smiled at her again. It was a victorious smile. He moved closer to her, so close that Yaya could already smell his manly scent.

“Name your price, babe…” He sexily whispered to her ears.

“50 million Baht…” Yaya told her with a triumphant smile on her face. She knew no crazy man would give her that kind of money. Game over, hot guy…, she thought, still wearing that triumphant smile. Nadech stood back a little, claiming his position before he leaned closer to her. He looked at her, and then he licked his lips with his tongue sexily. His eyes never left hers. He took his cell phone from his pocket then he dialed a number. Yaya was positive that he is about to call his men and tell them to bring her back to Bangkok.

“Transfer 100 million Baht to Ms. Yaya Sperbund’s bank account now.” Nadech calmly said. Yaya’s jaw dropped. 100 million?! 100 freaking million Baht?! This guy is insanely rich!, Yaya wanted to shout out loud and she couldn’t.

“T-that’s impossible.” She said, weakly.

“It’s possible, babe. Now, try calling your bank’s hotline.” Nadech said. Yaya immediately called the 24/7 hotline of the bank where she has an account to confirm it. She weakly placed her cell phone back to her pocket while her eyes are staring blankly on air.

“It’s true…” She whispered.

“Let me again ask you, will you marry me?” Nadech asked. Yaya shook her head.

“No. You still have to give me 3 reasons why I need to marry you. If your reasons are not good enough, take your money back and I don’t want to see you again.” She said firmly. She’ll definitely say no to all reasons he’s going to give her.

“Reason number 1, I’ll give you anything you want if you’ll marry me. Reason number 2, I want to marry you because I want to.” Nadech stopped for a while, thinking for the 3rd reason. His face was expressionless but his eyes were still fixed on her.

“2 out of 3 reasons. You lose. I won.” Yaya said but Nadech pulled her closer then immediately crushed his lips against her unprepared lips. Yaya didn’t know what to do! She wanted to push him away but her body wanted more of him. The kiss was getting hotter and hotter every second! Yaya decided to repay him with the same passion he is giving her. Nadech unexpectedly grabbed her hand then he placed it on the bulge on his jogging pants. Yaya’s eyes grew so wide as she felt Nadech’s erected manhood on her hand. She tried to pull her hand away but Nadech refused. It was her instinct that told her to caress it. They were kissing passionately that none of them wanted to stop. Nadech slightly pulled away, so both of them could breathe.

“Now, do you take me as your lawful wedded husband?” Nadech asked. His voice sounded so hungry, so hungry for her. He started to run his tongue on her neck and his hands are already doing its magic under her blouse. Yaya couldn’t think clearly. The wonderful sensations she is feeling right now are all foreign to her. She never became this intimate with any man before.

“Yes, I…do….” It was all Yaya could say.