Por Nattawut&Ae Pornthip Wedding - 18th May 2012


sarNie Oldmaid
Awe, he got married too? Congratulations! All veteran actors/actress are getting married!!

Ae is adorable btw. Gorgeous in her wedding dress. I always thought she was a cute antagonist. I love her voice when she talks. Could never see her as pure evil in her lakorns. Hoping more pics will appear. I wanna see if Cheer was there too :)


sarNie Hatchling
Awww! I love it that they had a low key sort of wedding? Well it looks intimate to me :D. I love P'Por N he is so handsome and I know he is the marrying kind so here he is married to the ever beautiful Aey!
Congratulations and I hope they have many many happy years of love! Cannot wait to see their babies!

I loved his acting since his first lakorn with Kob and of course his lakorn with Aom P! Those are my fave of his.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I love the theme of their wedding traditional, look thoong and carnival style, Poh and Ae are hilarious.

Credit to everyone's IG

My lovely Pao Paowalee came

Love Aff's Khun Ying outfit

My man Nadech looks very.......

Songkran has the most hideous smile LOL

They all look so drunk

Are Thee and Benz dating?

Khun Ying and Disco man :lmao3:



sarNie OldFart
what a great wedding theme! it's all like "lets just have fun!" haha..
i swear looking at these dara's photos make me to attend a wedding now!haha..
Congrats to them!