Pope Thanawat Praises Ploy is His Type of Girl


sarNie Tombstone
pink_juliet_kashie said:
I'll still love him. LoL. As long as he isn't kidnapping girls like Wit. If he can find willing girls to be sadist with him, that's their business.

I am a fan of both Ploy and Pope, and I am waiting for STT to air, but I do hope they remain just friends. Pope seem like a carefree kind of guy, easy going and not too serious. As much as I adore Ploy, she is a diva and her life can be very dramatic. Physically who would not want to date Ploy, she is gorgeous! But as much as I thought she needed someone like Dr.Navin Tar, I guess in the end they were just too different. I feel Pope is another Navin. Maybe she is best fitted with someone like Dome Pakorn. Not in the sense of relationship commitments (cuz we all know he has very little of that), but in terms of lifestyle. Ploy deserves someone who will be loyal to her after what Dome put her through, I hope she'll find that person for her.
now that Ploy is back to being single and lots of fames hot and popular its alright if men are chasing after her, but this time she maybe change to a picky person she might be scared of love failure Navin and Dome is like her lesson yeah i also agree Pope is another version Tar Navin except Pope his not a doctor