Poo Soam Fao Sub


SarNie Adult
kob's and stephen's clothes on 2nd generation are just too nice and suitable for them...can't wait till this friday...and yeah they look hot together...


wow,kob looked so pretty.Stephenlooked good too.
Luv their boran outfits.So beautiful.
I cant wait to see this series.

So,its going to air friday,satursday,and sunday?

Thanks for the infor.

Kob #1 fan


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wow kob back to a period lakorn? thats coolies I miss seeing her in period lakorns since sai lo hid ..


sarNie Adult
So, I heard.....for those who live in Thailand....Tomorrow is the day to see this lakorn. Anyone knows....where I can get this website to see the first episode on this lakorn too? Thanks.


sarNie Adult
Wow...Sooner than I thought..Yeah

I waiting for someone to upload instead of watching it live..so it would me on Saturday til i see the 1st episode :(


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In the ending credit there's a scene with kob and stefan... It was so sailohit!!!
First epi was ok... I was expecting more and i'm a little confuse with all that old & new life stuff! :wacko:
But happy that thois lakorn finaly air!! :clap: