Poo in Kullasatree Magazine: Chinese Sensation


sarNie Elites
I believe this is awhile back..It was the January Issue..But I just want to share it with everyone...I think she looks really cute in Chinese outfits....

(credit to badara)


sarNie Adult
WOW!! Poo is so pretty and gosh i love her lips. it's sexy. she does look good in chinese dress got she got the body!!


sarNie Hatchling
She looked really modest and hot!!!!!
Not trying to sound Gay and i'm not but i'm so confident about myself>>>>>> To complimenet a cute girl and not have to look like it's fake!!


sarNie Adult
Wait a minute...this mag is old. Did anyone see Kwan in Kwanruen? All posts were done beautifully....regular and elegance posts.