Poetry Novella Project About Khmer History

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    Hi, I'm working on a personal project to document my family, especially my maternal family's, life experiences during the Khmer Rouge regime and afterwards when they settled in the States. The project is a novella that will have written passages, poetry, and sketches. Some of the passages will be featured in Khmer as well as English. The passages alternate between my mother's perspective as a teen and into adulthood, and my own perspective growing up.

    It's personal as it's about my family, but I think that the experiences transcend family and can be interesting for other Khmer-Americans born in the States, to learn about their parents and this horrible, but important element of our history. The novella is mainly about courage, survival, and familial love.

    I launched a Kickstarter campaign for the publication fee of this project. I would really appreciate it if you would take a look and consider helping. https://www.kickstarter.com/project..._search&result=project&term=8,000 miles from

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