ploys cherman new hairdo


sarNie Elites
that's my hairdo! she wants to be like me!!! hahaha jk i think she looks cute in this do too, although it makes her look more wicked than innocent. is she planning on going back into the evil roles? haha


hm. not sure. i think i like the other one better. long, wavy and darkish brown? i haven't seen her lately.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
It looks Great :)
i want my hair to look like this too but it's alway's poofy-ish at the top. rofl


sarNie Adult
i think it looks like, but maybe too much bang.
I agee;;she's just got to much bangs; if to cut her hair a little shorter to the shoulder or near it. than it'll be better, dye the hair a light brownish and it'll look really nice..
gosh...i hate those bangs! rarely anyone looks good with them, no matter how pretty they may be...i've only seen two people who look remotely okay with those bangs -- Paula and Matt...


sarNie Adult
The cut of the bang is too far to her head. With the black dress and black hair, she looks like (Elvira)

I think Matt looks cute with bang is because it brought her eyes out. And the her hair color is a lot lighter than Ploy making it look less dramatic.

Bang is hard to wear but if you got the right can really work.