Ploy Chermarn Vs Reporter


sarNie Adult
From this cli[p
It's happening, when reporter interviewing her about who is ploy attack in instagram ??
Reporter guessing that one celebrity. When reporter ask her. She yell at reporter because she need to know source.
And she said that she attack her granny next door not that celebrity. 
But drama not ending. When she post that "Fighting" in her instagram.
this pic

It make reporter angry with her posting, so reporting attack Ploy in their instagram.
Like this.








sarNie Egg
I really dont understand why reporter are bashing her for. she was just trying to prove a point. If you really have something on her she had the rights to ask where they got their sources from so that she can clairfy. I mean thats what anybody would do (star or not). Banning her doesn't solve any problem, these Stars are normal people they live, eat, do good, do bad, make mistake like all other human being on earth. I see our American actor/actress do bad all day and night and dont ever get bashed at like how Thai star get by their reportor.