Ploy Cherman's naked love scene with Ananda!

Discussion in 'Ploy Chermarn' started by tinah, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    whoa, im speechless..she did a naked love scene with ananda for their new movie"Shua Fah Din Salai". she said while doing the scene they only allowed 5 crew to be there..and yes, that is her butt lol


    view ploy and ananda's naked scene
  2. Saifah

    Saifah bite me x___

    she's a professional actress and he's a professional actor.
  3. cecilia

    cecilia .: KHANG :. Staff Member

    i saw the trailer on youtube a few days back -- seems to have lots of exposure.
    i guess Ananda and Ploy have an affair b/c ananda's the nephew of ploy's husband.
    here's the teaser lOl :
  4. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    ^^wow, the teaser looks good. i wanna see this now lol ploy and ananda make a hot couple.
  5. Joy

    Joy sarNie Hatchling

    oh man, what i wouldn't give to see ananda in a slap/kiss lakorn.
    he's so eff'n HOT!
  6. ceda_lee

    ceda_lee sarNie OldFart

    Ananda can kiss! Haha

    A lot of Thai films are about sinners. This one should be interesting. Nephew and wife hooking up. When does it come out?
  7. lexa1083

    lexa1083 sarNie Hatchling

    Ploy is very risque. I admire her acting ability and her as a person to be able to still be this popular considering she's not as "innocent" as other thai actresses.
  8. thai-lakorn-fan-forever

    thai-lakorn-fan-forever sarNie Oldmaid

    I also admire Ploy's acting...this is professionalism -- being able to take such risks.
  9. Sugarlya

    Sugarlya sarNie Hatchling

    Wow ! Ploy is not afraid ! scared of anything at all !
    I admire her for that.

    Some people already throw durian on her because of her bitchy mean role..
    Then naked scene.. what will say Thai Traditional people ? lol
  10. thai-lakorn-fan-forever

    thai-lakorn-fan-forever sarNie Oldmaid

    ^ usually most Thai movies (their films in the theatres) have full-on love scenes (Chakrit's movies, etc.), so I think they expect it already and that the general Thai population hold movies to one standard and lakorns to another...
  11. Saifah

    Saifah bite me x___

    Omg now I wanna see this movie! ploy and ananda is hotness.
  12. Kina

    Kina Dubsteppin'

    Yes. Movies and lakorns are on two different levels. I personally think that nudity should be accepted by now - in movies. But then again, the Thai entertainment market doesn't offer big $ like Western entertainment (movie-wise).

    So, I give Ploy two thumbs up for such an ice breaker. It means she is daring, risqué, challenging, strong, and confident. And that's the perfect example of how women should be. IMO.
  13. lark4ever

    lark4ever sarNie Egg

    I watch the preview is looking good

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